2000-05 Cadillac Seville/Deville/ElDorado Stereo Replacement Interface
Part Number: GM19SR

Cadillac, Seville, Deville, ElDorado Stereo Replacement Interface

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    The GM19SR stereo replacement interface allows you to replace your factory radio, whilst retaining your +12V accessories and Illumination. The GM19SR is compatible with OnStar and Amplified systems

    Why do I need a interface?
    An interface is a small computer system that allows your new head unit to properly communicate with your vehicle’s computer system. If you install a new aftermarket radio without using an interface, you will lose many of the standard security features of the vehicle. This is due to vehicle manufactures running part of the vehicle’s computer system through the OEM radio. Functions lost include, but not limited to, are warning chimes (keys left in ignition, lights left on, low fuel etc.), security and alarm systems, +12V accessory and more. If the +12V accessory is lost, your radio will not turn on/off automatically and will be a manual process.

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