Noise Isolation In Ear Monitors with tapLINE Remote & Mic
Part Number: IEM856


$109.99 special offer


Quality Ear buds with Mic | The best earbuds with a microphone

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$109.99 special offer

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  • Description

    Quality You Can Hear and Feel
    To ensure the most enjoyable listening experience, we have selected the finest materials and audio components. Each Component of the bi-hybrid motor structure works in perfect harmony to deliver impeccable audio performance.

    Dynamic and Armature Drivers
    The 10.7mm dynamic drivers provide powerful low frequencies while the 6.3mm balanced armature drivers deliver incredibly accurate high and mid frequencies.

    Made from hypoallergenic silicone, the extremely soft ear cushions ensure a comfort listening experience even during extended use. For a perfect fit, we have included small, medium and large single and dual flanged ear cushions, which reduce ambient noise up to 35dB.

    Tangle free
    The unique 4.3ft groove cable designs allows for a tangle-free experience while making them effortless to coil for storage. Plated in 24K gold, the angels 3.5mm connector provides optimal strain relief and an extremely low contact resistance for flawless signal transfer. 

    tapLINE III
    Be in full control of your iPod or iPhone with the tapLINE III remote and mic. Whether it's taking a phone call or controlling your music, the separate remote and mic offer seamless user experience.

     Listen and you'll hear the difference.

    "With better earphones, you can feel the drum kick and on the IEM856m, I can feel it."
    -The Gadgeteer

    "The IEM856ms didn’t disappoint rendering each frequency range with ease."
    -The Gadgeteer

    “These are top-end, in-ear headphones from an audio expert...”
    -Executive Travel


    Works with the free tuneQ App

    tuneQ is a graphic EQ and fitment guide App with a stunning visual display. It helps you select the correct ear cushion size for the best sound possible.


    It's Our Heritage

    Scosche's 30 years of rich history in the car audio industry has taught us a lot about how music should be heard. In 2007 we launched REALM, a high-end series of car audio amplifiers, speakers and low-frequency transducers.

    The sheer quality and performance of the REALM series inspired us to create a line of headphones and in-ear monitors that allow users to enjoy the same impeccable audio everywhere. These audiophile grade headphones have been designed by audio enthusiasts for audio enthusiasts that want to get the most out of their music.


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