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  • Keep your eye on the road with the powerful and oh so stylish MagicMount Pro!

    Keep your eyes on the road with the powerful and oh so stylish MagicMount Pro!

    By: Lynn Grogan


    Most of us are pretty dependent on our mobile devices, particularly when driving. Thanks to voice recognition technology, we can now send and receive text messages, get directions from GPS, play music and play/pause video for rear seat screening -- all without ever touching a device. That said, none of these things are manageable when the mobile device in question is sliding around the front passenger seat or has fallen onto the floor. Even if you’ve carefully wedged it somewhere in the center console, it can still be really difficult, if not impossible, to communicate and fully interact with your device without picking it up, which is far from ideal, or legal, with regard to road safety and convenience. This is where a good mounting system becomes absolutely essential, and there’s none better than the MagicMount family of Magnetic Mounts from Scosche.

    MagicMount - America’s #1Mount Brand

    For years, Scosche has been breaking new ground and winning awards with the innovative MagicMount Magnetic Mounting System. You can mount your phone, tablet or virtually any mobile device pretty much anywhere in your vehicle, home or office with what’s now recognized as America’s #1 Mount brand. They’re so handy and affordable it’s hard to buy just one, which probably factors into their remarkable popularity. And if you aren’t already totally hooked on the MagicMount system then you definitely will be once you’ve checked out the brand-new MagicMount Pro collection. Lauded as the most powerful and versatile MagicMount system ever and hailed by iLounge as worthy of “high recommendation,” the MagicMount Pro series features three new Magnetic Mounts: MagicMount Pro Vent, MagicMount Pro Window/Dash and MagicMount Pro Dash.

    Powerful and Very Versatile

    The MagicMount Pro Window/Dash and Pro Dash models provide a 30 percent stronger grip, utilizing powerful earth-magnets, while the Pro Vent magnetic mount boasts extensive “on-the-go” versatility for travel, adapting easily for desktop display. And if you’re concerned about attaching such a strong magnet to your device, you really don’t need to be. The entire MagicMount line is built using Neodymium magnets, designed to securely maintain a tight grip on devices in both smooth and bumpy terrain. These magnets are 100 percent device safe and won’t damage devices when mounted.  

    ...And They Look Great

    Oh yes. In addition to being stronger and more versatile than ever before, the new MagicMount Pro Magnetic Mounts look really great, too. Uniting style and function, each of the three new mounts comes with two stylish, interchangeable trim rings in Black and Silver, with additional color options available soon in Carbon Fiber, Rose Gold, Gold and Space Gray. So you can match up or contrast your MagicMount Pro Magnetic Mount with your vehicle’s interior or to the color of the mobile device. Once you’ve experienced the sheer convenience of having a MagicMount Pro in your vehicle, home or office you’ll be totally hooked. And thanks to the fact that they’re ridiculously affordable you really don’t have to limit yourself to just one. Remember, they’re not just for inside your car! You can mount your device in the kitchen, on your desk, on the patio, on your nightstand, or on your pull-down tray during a flight.

  • A Different Take on How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor for an Avid Sports Fan

    By Chris Merritt

    Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Monitor Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Monitor

    Professional sports. We all know them. Some people couldn’t care less. Then on the opposite side - there are people like me. Words like ravenous, obsessed, immersed, fixated are just a few used to describe people like me - especially during football season. My life during football season feels like I am living literally Sunday-to-Sunday. I go to bed watching the postgame interviews with coaches and quarterbacks and scour the sports media for any mention of my team.

    I am a die-hard Denver Broncos fan. I was born in Colorado and my father raised me to be a Broncos fan. This got interesting when we moved to New England when I was just five years old. My earliest football memory is watching my father screaming at the TV when Denver was annihilated by Joe Montana’s 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV in 1990. At the age of seven I didn’t quite grasp what was happening, and all could do is wonder why my father was so upset. As I grew up I became an avid sports fan during high school and college.

    During my college days I went to school just outside of Boston. This was a time when the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl three out of my four years there. Most people would have had this be motivation enough to become part of the hype. I saw this happen with football non-fans and lukewarm fans of other teams, but I held strong and stuck to being a Broncos fan. Throughout this time the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts developed a major rivalry. The rivalry was primarily between Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Both dominated the game in ways that will surely leave them on a short list of greatest quarterbacks of all time.

    Four years ago, after sustaining and recovering from a major neck injury, Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Broncos. His presence made them an immediate contender for a world championship. I was beyond excited that all of a sudden my team was now a perennial contender. What I didn’t think about was how this would affect my friendships with all my closest friends in New England. The rivalry between the quarterbacks carried over to Peyton’s new home in Denver. Since Peyton’s arrival there has been at least one game against the Patriots each season. In the days leading up the game I am reminded by all of my friends in New England about the rivalry and a have learned to expect a good deal of smack talk to be coming my way.

    This brings us to this past weekend. With a trip to the Super Bowl the Patriots were coming to Denver. The Patriots were favored despite being on the road. With a lot of grief on the line and my devotion to my team I knew the magnitude of this game. I then decided to do an experiment to see how into this game I really got.

    There is the usual yelling, screaming, pacing and whatnot that occur, but this time I decided to wear my Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor for the entire game. Like all games that the Broncos played this year it was a close one that ended up being decided by two points in the Broncos’ favor. With it being that close, needless to say, my heart was racing at times.

    It was very fun to look back on my heart rate throughout the game and see the times it really spiked. Over the course of the almost four-hour game my heart rate peaked at 139 BPM or for my body type the same that is an aerobic workout. It only dipped below 100 during half time. At the end of the game with the Broncos clinging to a minimal lead the Patriots were coming in strong looking to tie the game and send it into overtime. My heart rate was consistently elevated during this with my team’s ticket to the Super Bowl on the line. Fortunately they held on and the defense held off Brady and the Patriots offense.

    Rhythm+ Heart Monitor Rhythm+ Heart Monitor results from Digifit app

    Needless to say there is legit medical evidence that I am an avid sports fan thanks to the Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor.

    I already use the Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor when exercising. It is great because I don’t have to wear a bulky and annoying chest strap to get accurate results. This is great because it just goes around your forearm and is hyper accurate. Now I have found another great use for it.

  • Rugged Backup Battery Solution - goBAT 12000

    goBAT 12000 charging a boomBOTTLE+ and iPhone

    By Chris Merritt

    Being an outdoor enthusiast is something that has been a part of who I am since growing up in Northern New England. I grew up in a ski town in the White Mountains of New Hampshire that had, even more, great things to offer during the summer months. Mountain biking, camping, hiking, canoeing, and kayaking were all things I did growing up in this beautiful area. I developed a love for nature and all that it had to offer beginning in my childhood.

    As I grew up, I was at just the right age to be growing with technology. The popularity of the computers and the internet and all that it had to offer during the 1990s and 2000s was right there as I was a teenager and young adult. I have always found myself on the forefront of technology, often times as an early adopter. I constantly seek the latest tech gear as new technologies are introduced. iPods, iPhones, Bluetooth speakers, digital cameras, video cameras - you name it and I had my hands on it.

    Now, I live in an age where my smartphone is a vital part of my daily life. I use it for communication, information, music, and photos. This is where the tricky part of blending my two passions lies. Like most smartphone users I charge my phone every night. I go to bed, and my phone goes to bed. The question was then what do I do when I decide I want to go camping or anywhere away from electricity for an extended period of time. I would love to just turn my phone off, but I enjoy listening to music while I am enjoying the great outdoors as well as shooting photos and video. So what do I do when my phone dies at the end of the first day?

    Scosche, fortunately, had something up their sleeves. The new goBAT™ 12000 Rugged Portable Backup Battery is everything I could have ever needed to solve this conundrum. It can charge my phone up to six times on a single charge.

    This means I can leave for a week-long camping trip and never have to worry about finding a place where I can charge my phone. I can be free to listen to music and take photos and videos all day long. At the end of the day, I can do what I do every night at home when I go to bed and plug my phone into the goBAT 12000 and let it charge back to its capacity.

    I can also bring along my camera and be able to charge it when necessary. Now I can capture all the beauty that nature has to offer without having to hold back at the fear of my battery dying on me.

    The goBAT 12000 even has two USB ports so I can charge both my phone and any other USB devices I bring along with me. Finally, a solution for someone who loves the outdoors, but also loves technology.

    What makes the goBAT 12000 different from other USB battery packs out there is that it is built to be rugged. This isn’t some fragile piece of technology that needs to be handled in a delicate manner. This thing is waterproof, dustproof and can even be dropped and banged around without any worry of it breaking. The battery’s ruggedness is validated by it being subjected to and passing the MIL-STD-810 shock test. A perfect example would be when I’m carrying all my gear to a camp site. Like most men, the idea to take more than one trip would be absurd. I can know that if this were to fall out of my pack, hit a rock, fall into a puddle, or whatever other unforeseen circumstance that I would find myself facing that the goBAT 12000 will be just fine.

    The goBAT 12000 is also extremely useful when traveling. Living in California now I will travel back to New England a few times a year and being able to charge my phone, tablet, Bluetooth headset, or whatever else I am carrying with me offers great piece-of-mind so I can do what I want, and not be stuck staring at the back of the seat in front of me for a six-hour plane ride. Never again do I have to be one of those people at the airport camped around the power outlets guarding my place like an attack dog. This is a must for anyone who loves to enjoy technology while being able to live their lives without the constant pursuit of where to find the next free power outlet.

    For more information on the goBAT 12000 please click here.

  • Holiday Shopping in Modern Times

    Shopping Mall

    By Chris Merritt

    In the All-Your-Holiday-Shopping-Has-To-Be-Done-Now-Or-You-Will-Disappoint-All-of-Your-Loved-Ones-and-Be-Cast-Out-of-Your-Family time period that we’re immersed in right now I find myself being inundated with emails. Many of them originate from businesses where I’ve recently made online purchases, although some weren’t even all that recent. It’s like the Holiday Season is taking over  my email on a daily basis.

    In light of this, I’ve been inspired to reflect upon how I ended up on the receiving end of these emails - the original purchases I made on these sites. What was that one thing (or more) that got me on these sites in the first place? What was it that made me  so satisfied with the products and the companies that I signed up for their email communications? I will read these emails when they come in most of the time - especially if/when there is a sale. You can never know what kinds of great deals await.

    Do you remember when ordering products online was considered to be a sketchy endeavor?  It wasn’t that long ago  that people felt fearful and nervous about entering their credit/debit card info for an online order. These days it seems like the opposite – you’re actually safer ordering online.

    There is a hybridization of experiences for holiday shopping where you can order online and then pickup at a local store as well, but even that can have its drawbacks. I recently had an experience where I ordered something online that was said to be in stock at the store only to have the store not be able to locate the item to fill my order. Two days later, when I found the item at another store of the same chain, I was then advised to cancel the original order. I then couldn’t get the gift card refunded that I had used for the purchase, so that took another two days to get cleared up. Five days and quite a few headaches later I got my goods, but I would much rather have saved myself the hassle by ordering  online and receiving it in the mail..

    I am all for the anti-lazy approach of physically shopping, but with stores being so ridiculously congested, staff being overworked and items running out of stock it’s hard to get motivated to deal with it all.  Even finding a place to park is a major challenge!  Then, if you’re at all like me, you have a 50 percent chance of finding the one icy spot in the parking lot guaranteeing a spectacular wipeout for all to see. Because of all this, and I’m sure plenty of other reasons I didn’t list, online shopping truly has become the most convenient means for holiday shopping. Fight crowds at the mall versus using my laptop while in my pajamas on my couch sipping some hot chocolate - no brainer.

    This was a large part of the inspiration for the new design for It was designed to make sure that the user shopping experience was simplified, fast and efficient, starting with the ability to find the products you want throughout the checkout process. Product collections have also been introduced so you can find products that complement each other as well as a slick user interface that is responsive in design to display clearly on all devices. There is the New Arrivals page that provides you with some of the newest products Scosche has available plus Coming Soon which as the name implies gives you a glimpse at what new products will soon be available. Ease of use and the satisfaction of the end user were the primary focus during the site’s redesign because user experience is what makes or breaks an online buying decision. Finally - some simplicity to the craziness that is holiday shopping!

  • Confessions of a Scosche magicMOUNT Addict

    Scosche magicMOUNT


    By: Lynn Grogan

    I’ll admit, I have a rather unhealthy attachment to my phone. Sometimes, it will inexplicably vanish from the face of the earth, which can provoke a response ranging from mild panic to outright psychotic hysteria. I’m not proud of this affliction, but must admit to finding comfort in the knowledge that virtually everyone I know tends to misplace their phone on a semi-regular basis – and that they too experience varying degrees of wild-eyed agitation until they track it down.

    I used to misplace my phone at least once a week. You know where it would often show up? Wedged in that crack between my car seat and the center consul. I kept a kebab skewer in my glove compartment at all times in order to poke it out of that dark, crumb-filled crevice. When a friend pointed out that the kebab skewer may be considered a deadly weapon, I realized it was time to address the situation. One day, as I mulled over the possibility of stuffing the car seat crevice with paper towels, fate intervened in the form of a Scosche catalog.

    Now, I can tell you, there were lots of really cool, award-winning products to get excited about in that Scosche catalog. Waterproof wireless speakers, headsets, all kinds of amazing car audio stuff, heart rate monitors, cables and chargers in lots of great colors.  But all I could see was the magicMOUNT system. It shined from the pages like a beacon of hope. Could I finally return my kebab skewer to the kitchen utensil drawer?

    Described as “An award-winning, innovative magnetic mounting system for conveniently mounting smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to a wide array of surfaces,” I read that you can just hover your device near the magnetic surface of the magicMOUNT and it will instantly lock securely into place. I was also intrigued by the description of the “sleek, cradle-free design” that uses high-powered magnets to secure your devices anywhere you use them most.  For me it should have said “lose them the most” but either way, I was sold. There were lots to choose from, but I ended up selecting the powerMOUNT, which plugs into my car’s charger, allowing me to simultaneously charge my phone. And its “adjustable flex neck design” means it’s nice and bendy so it can easily be swiveled and adjusted for viewing. I must admit, I did squeal with delight the first time I felt that magnet grab onto my phone. And wow, does that thing have a good grip. To date, despite lots of stop-and-go downtown traffic and an accidental and unpleasantly lengthy off-road detour through a field that seemed to be infested with giant gophers, my trusty powerMOUNT has never failed me.

    So yes, I confess. I am now a Scosche magicMOUNT addict. We have some long road trips coming up, and I’m planning on getting two Scosche headrestMOUNTs to mount my kids’ tablets to the headrests for the trip. If you’ve ever had one of those double-screen DVD systems you’ll understand why this makes sense. No more wires for those little feet to get caught on and pull out. No more fighting over which movie to watch on the trip. Nope. Just two safely secured tablets and two wireless Bluetooth headsets. I’m also getting a couple of magicMOUNTs for the house. I can use them to mount my tablet while cooking in the kitchen, mount and display my phone in my office (yes, I’ve been known to lose it among the general clutter of my desk…) and I’m considering getting one for the bathroom just in case I ever get to soak in the tub long enough to listen to a whole song from start to finish. Did I mention that they’re ridiculously affordable? Well they are. So this year, as there’s a magicMOUNT for virtually every vehicle and surface you could think of, I’ll be buying a bunch of them as holiday gifts. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the kebab skewer has been safely returned to the utensil drawer and now only crumbs inhabit the car seat crevice.

  • What is reversible Micro USB?

    What is Reversible USB

    Introducing the STRIKEDRIVE™ Car Charger with EZTIP™ Reversible Micro USB!

    We’ve all tried to push Micro USB cables in the wrong way. It’s not just annoying, but you can easily damage your device. Well, your days of fumbling with Micro USB connectors are over. Hailed by tech publications as the “Best Micro USB cable ever” and “A smart way to eliminate everyone’s number-one complaint about Micro USB”, the brand-new STRIKEDRIVE™ Car Charger with EZTIP™ Reversible Micro USB is now available! With its unique, reversible EZTIP connector, you’re guaranteed a perfect fit the first time, every time for any Micro USB port on the planet.

    Available now, this powerful 12 Watt, 2.4 Amp car charger for Micro USB devices of all types - smartphones, tablets, cameras, portable speakers and other mobile devices - makes a perfect stocking stuffer at just $24.99 MSRP! And don’t forget to pick up one for yourself.  The hassle-free car charger features a convenient, low-profile design that fits flush in most vehicles’ power outlets! Its 3-foot coiled cable allows for easy and tangle-free cable management. The Slim-tip™ design allows you to charge without removing your case. Additional EZTIP™ Reversible Micro USB products are coming soon, including a variety of charge and sync cables!

    Reversible USB Car Charger
  • Scosche Products Garner Multiple Awards. We win. You win.

    Award Winning Products

    Word is Spreading. Scosche Products are the BEST!
How many awards did Scosche just win? Not one, not two, but THREE prestigious awards at September’s CTIA Super Mobility Show in Las Vegas! The new boomBOTTLE®+ Rugged Waterproof Wireless Portable Speaker blew away the competition, winning BEST OF SHOW status in two categories – Best New Product and Best Portable Speaker. These awards were presented by iPhone Life Magazine.

    boombottle Plus Waterproof Speaker

    What Set the New boomBOTTLE®+ Apart?
With so many amazing features, it’s not surprising that the new boomBOTTLE®+ caught the attention of the judges! With amazing audio, extended battery life and tons of functionality, these rugged wireless portable speakers fit in bottle cages and cup holders for total on-the-go convenience! Where do you take your music?

    • Two 50mm high-quality speakers and an integrated, omnidirectional diffuser that channels music in all directions creating 360 degrees of immense sound.
    • Dual pairing functionality (a.k.a. you can take two boomBOTTLE+ and pair them as left and right channels for true stereo sound), plus they have switchable equalization (EQ) for sound enhancement outdoors.
    • Powerful, internal 6000 mAh rechargeable battery for up to 15 hours of continuous music, plus you can charge your mobile devices right from the speaker.
    • IP67 rated dustproof and waterproof, plus it floats for easy retrieval should you drop it into the water.
    gobat-12000 Rugged Portable Backup Battery

    The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer!
Scosche’s new goBAT™ 12000 Rugged Portable Backup Battery also won a CTIA Award in the HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS™ Accessories category! Here are just some of its award-winning features:

    • Super sturdy and military-grade shockproof with rugged IP68 dustproof/waterproof construction, this is a 12000 mAh portable backup battery of pure power!
    • Can charge most smartphones up to six times and comes fully charged and ready to go with a multi-color LED indicator displaying the battery power level.
    • Has two, high-power 12W/2.4A USB ports that can auto-detect the fastest possible charge speed for your connected mobile devices.
    • Clip your goBAT 12000 securely to your gear – it comes equipped with a metal alloy loop and carabiner!

    Created in 2009, the Hot for the Holidays award categories identify and celebrate the hottest mobile consumer electronics products and applications for the holiday season. Winners are celebrated as the ‘must-buy gifts’ for people of all ages – so be sure to gift wrap some of these amazingly powerful little batteries this holiday season!

    The goBAT 12000 (Part # RPB12) will be available in late November for holiday purchase but you can get its smaller family member the goBAT™ 6000 Rugged Portable Backup Battery (Part # RPB6) now!

    Scosche’s Commitment to Excellence
Scosche’s 35 years of success is built upon a solid reputation for providing outstanding products designed to meet the needs of our customers. While it’s always exciting and deeply gratifying to win awards and accolades, ultimately, it’s all about making really great products that our customers can count on and enjoy! It’s why more and more consumers look to Scosche first for innovation in consumer electronics/tech products and accessories.

  • goPINK for Hope with Scosche!

    goPINKOctober is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This year, you can contribute to this great cause and save 25% on some of the latest and greatest Scosche® products! Throughout October, Scosche will also donate 25% of all proceeds from the sale of the exclusive goPINK for Hope™ collection to National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). Choose from Scosche’s award-winning Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, headphones and a variety of chargers and cables – all in a beautiful shade of pink, the internationally recognized color for breast cancer awareness.

    All pink Scosche products shown below will be discounted 25% upon checkout*. And remember, Scosche will also be donating 25% of the purchase price** of each qualifying order to NBCF. Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Scosche.

    National Breast Cancer Foundation

    Partnering for Hope Scosche is honored to partner with National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to help raise funds and awareness for this very worthy cause. Recognized as one of the leading breast cancer organizations in the world, NBCF’s mission is to help women now by providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services. A recipient of Charity Navigator’s highest 4-star rating for 11 years, NBCF provides women Help for Today…Hope for Tomorrow® through its National Mammography Program, Beyond The Shock®, Early Detection Plan, and breast cancer research programs. For more information, please visit


    * Discount applies to products purchased only. Does not include any applicable shipping and handling charges. ** Excluding any applicable shipping and handling charges.

  • Check Out the Tough and Powerful goBAT™ 6000 Rugged Portable Backup Battery

    goBAT 6000

    Outdoor enthusiasts need rock solid, reliable products and accessories they can count on in a wide variety of outdoor settings. Scosche products are the real deal. They have what it takes to enhance your next outdoor adventure.

    Checkout the newest addition to our Optimized for the Outdoors® Product Collection, the Tough and Powerful goBAT™ 6000 Rugged Portable Backup Battery.

    Rugged Portable Battery Backup

    Charge your mobile devices on the go with the just released goBAT™ 6000 Rugged Portable Backup Battery! Choose from regular and RealTree editions. Take it on your roughest, toughest, most extreme outdoor adventures!

    Realtree Battery Backup

    This battery is built rugged and packed with attractive features:

    • Powerful 6000mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery can charge a fully drained smartphone up to 3 times.
    • Rigid high impact polycarbonate housing for maximum exterior strength.
    • IP68 rated dust and waterproof. Can withstand submersion to 3 meters.
    • Single 2.4A Perfect Charge USB port provides the fastest charge for your mobile devices.
    • Zero self-discharge circuitry designed to hold a charge for years.
    • Comes fully charged so you immediately have the needed extra power.
    • Multi-color LED lights let you quickly know remaining battery power.
    • Includes a carabiner so you can clip the goBAT to your gear.

    The goBAT was even named a HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS™ product at CTIA

    Optimized for Outdoors

    At Scosche, when we say that a product is Optimized for Outdoors®, we’re not just using a casual catchphrase. We’re making a definitive statement. Every product in this collection has been carefully designed and engineered to meet the specific demands of the avid outdoors enthusiast. Built to withstand the rigors of harsh outdoor environments and seasonal extremes, while providing exceptional performance and durability, these outstanding products are an absolute must-have for all your outdoor pursuits. In addition to the goBAT™ 6000 Rugged Portable Backup Battery, the Optimized for the Outdoors collection also features boomBOTTLE®+ waterproof, wireless, portable speakers that even float, strikeLINE™ Rugged LED Charge & Sync Cables that come with Limited Lifetime Warranties and more.

    Checkout all of Scosche’s Optimized for Outdoors Products here!





  • How To Pair The Scosche boomBOTTLE+ Portable Speaker

    The Scosche boomBOTTLE+ is a dual pairing, rugged, waterproof wireless speaker. In this video I’ll explain how you can set up your boomBOTTLE+ portable speaker.

    How to pair the boomBOTTLE+ You can pair your boomBOTTLE+ to your device in 2 different ways. Configuration #1 is to Pair Your device to a single boomBOTTLE+. Configuration #2 is to pair your device to 2 boomBOTTLE+’s to use in Stereo with a Right and Left channel, or in Party mode where each boomBOTTLE+ puts out a Right and Left Channel on each boomBOTTLE+.

    Configuration #1

    1. To Pair your device to one booomBOTTLE+, press the Multifunction Button to turn on the boomBOTTLE+. A tone prompt will sound.
    2. Press and hold the MFB for 3 seconds and then release. The Bluetooth indicator will flash blue and red alternately with a sound prompt.
    3. Turn on your device’s Bluetooth Menu to search for and connect to the boomBOTTLE+.
    4. Select boomBOTTLE+. A sound prompt will notify you of a successful connection.

    Configuration #2

    1. To Pair your device to one booomBOTTLE+, open the waterproof cover and place the L/S/R switch into the “S” (Stereo) position on Both Speakers
    2. Power on two boomBOTTLE+ speaker units at the same time by pressing and releasing each unit’s MFB. Place one speaker in the “L” (left channel) position, and place the other speaker in the R (right channel) position. Both speakers will pair to each other.
    3. There will be a continuous sound prompt from the speaker that is in the “L” position to indicate the unit is in pairing mode.
    4. Turn on your device’s Bluetooth Menu to search for and connect to the boomBOTTLE+.
    5. Select boomBOTTLE+.
    6. The two speaker units are now in Stereo mode and can be played together as a Left and Right Channel.
    7. From here, you can also put both units in “S” Stereo mode to have each boomBOTTLE+’s play both A and B channels.
    8. You can also adjust the Equalizer settings between Indoor and Outdoor

    To Leave Dual Pairing Mode and play only one speaker, place the speakers in “S” (stereo) position and turn off one of the units by pressing the Multifunction button for 10 seconds (note both speakers will turn off). Restart one of the speakers and pair it to your device.

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