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    If you are anything like us, you know how frustrating it can be to lose things.  Keys, wallets, a purse...even your car.  foundIT helps you keep track of valuables and even locate lost items (up to 100 feet away).  This wireless item locator can be attached to almost anything that you don't want to lose.  foundIT pairs with your smartphone (iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S) and works with the foundIT App to help you track down the location of your misplaced item.  

    foundIT also works to alert you when valuables travel outside of a set range.  Set a distance within the app and recieve a loud audio alert or pop-up notification to let you know that you have traveled too far away (think of it like an invisble barrier).  This mode ensures that you never leave your laptop behind for that important presentation or forget some other important time-sensitive item.

    Parking lots can be quite a challenge.  Use foundIT to mark a GPS snapshot of where your vehicle is parked for easy tracking when you leave the mall, amusement park or other large parking lot.  

    foundIT only works with Bluetooth Low Energy devices. The App is optimized for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

    *The foundIT App is free and there are no hidden subscription fees or charges.  

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