The Scosche line of Bluetooth accessories includes award-winning speakers, headphones, health & fitness devices/wearables and more wireless accessories. Products like the highly-popular boomBOTTLE family of portable speakers, the RHYTHM+ armband heart rate monitor, RH1060 reference-grade stereo headphones, sportclipAIR lightweight adjustable earbuds with mic & controls and boomBARS wireless speaker for bicycles.

bluetooth accessories

Bluetooth Products/Accessories

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  1. Rhythm+™


    Heart Rate Monitor Learn More

    Starting at: $79.99

  2. boomBOTTLE+®


    Rugged Waterproof Wireless Speaker Learn More
  3. Wireless Ear buds


    Wireless Adjustable Earbuds with Mic + Controls Learn More
  4. boomBOTTLE®
  5. boomBOTTLE™ H2O Realtree®

    boomBOTTLE™ H2O Realtree®

    Realtree rugged waterproof wireless speaker Learn More
  6. boomBOTTLE H2O

    boomBOTTLE H2O

    Rugged waterproof wireless speaker Learn More

    Starting at: $99.99

  7. boomBOTTLE mini
  8. boomSTREAM mini
  9. Compact Wireless Speaker

    boomCAN BT

    Compact Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Learn More
  10. boomBARS


    Wireless Speaker for Bikes Learn More
  11. RH1060


    Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Controls Learn More

    Out of stock

  12. tuneSTREAM sport
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