Scosche makes several Charge and Sync Cables and Adaptors for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Smartphones, Tablets, GPS devices, Digital Cameras and more. Our iPhone cables are our top seller.

cables and adapters

Cables & Adapters

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  1. flatOUT aux
  2. flatOUT
  3. flatOUT
  4. rePLAY


    Retractable Audio Cable for iPod & MP3 Learn More
  5. syncABLE pro

    syncABLE pro

    Charge & Sync Cable for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Micro USB Devices Learn More
  6. clipSYNC


    Keychain Charge & Sync Cable for iPod and iPhone Learn More
  7. sneakPEEK


    Audio Video cables for iPad, iPhone and iPod Learn More
  8. sneakPEEK


    Premium RCA Composite Audio/Video cable for iPad, iPhone and iPod Learn More
  9. deckedOUT


    Universal Cassette Adapter for Car Stereos Learn More
  10. hookUP
  11. hookUP
  12. Headphone Splitter
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