Scosche’s Car Accessories include Wireless iPod Remotes, FM Transmitters, Handsfree Audio Streaming Kits, Bluetooth Speakerphones & Headsets, and Solar Powered Accessories. Then, check out the controlFREQ Remote for iPod and iPhone. It is the best remote for iPad.

car accessories

Car Accessories

  1. cellCONTROL


    Safe Driving System for Cell Phones Learn More
  2. freqIN


    Digital FM Transmitter for Mobile Devices with Remote Learn More

    Out of stock

  3. hearSAY


    Handsfree Headset and Speakerphone Learn More
  4. motorMOUTH II

    motorMOUTH II

    Handsfree Car Kit Learn More


    $29.99 special offer

  5. motorMOUTH II stereo
  6. soloBUD - Handsfree Headset with Mono Earbud & Mic
  7. tuneFREQ
  8. tuneFREQ dock

    tuneFREQ dock

    Docking FM Transmitter for iPod and iPhone Learn More
  9. tuneIN - Universal FM transmitter
  10. tuneIT - Digital FM transmitter with Back Lit Display & Flex-Neck
  11. tuneSHIFT


    Digital FM Transmitter with USB Charging Port Learn More