12" 2 ohm DVC Pro-Series Subwoofer
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12 Inch Subwoofer | 12 Inch Pro Series Sub Woofer

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    LFT12-D2 12” 2-Ohm DVC Subwoofer Subwoofer Power Ratings CEA-2031 Nominal: 400 Watts Peak: 800 Watts Sealed Enclosure cu.ft 1.20 Ported Enclosure cu.ft 1.50 Mounting Depth (in) 7.00 Cut-out Diameter(in) 11.00 Fs= 25.2Hz Qes= 0.501 Qms= 2.508 Re= 4.17 ohms Vas= 79.00 liters/2.79 cu.ft. Pe= 400 watts Xmax= 11.5mm Mms= 187.0g 1-w SPL= 86.4 dB Qts= 0.41 2.83-V 1-w SPL= 86.5 dB 2.83-V SPL= 93.35 dB Sd= 0.0511 sq. m Driver displacement= 0.085 cu. ft. Shared Features â Stitched Butyl Surround with Integrated Gasket â High Strength IMPP Cone â 2.5” 4-layer Dual Voice Coils â 88oz Double Stacked Magnet structure â High Temp Aluminum Voice Coil Former â Vented Cast Aluminum Frame â Dual Spiders with Integrated Tinsel Leads â Ergonomic Spring terminals â Optimized for Small Sealed or Small Ported Enclosures
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