backSTAGE pro II

Headrest Mount for iPad (1st, 2nd & 3rd generation)
Part Number: IPD2HM3

Car Mount for iPad | Headrest Mount for iPad

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  • Description
    The backSTAGE pro II is a safe, secure and rugged headrest mount for new iPad and iPad 2. Mount your iPad to the back of any headrest so passengers can enjoy hands free viewing of movies, apps, games and more.

    Designed for Safety
    Let your passengers enjoy the many features of the iPad as you drive without worry. The backSTAGE pro II has been crash test approved to ensure that it will remain securely attached to your headrest during the roughest driving experiences. The rugged aluminum construction safely mounts your iPad.

    Integrated Features
    The included charger plugs directly into the headrest mount and provides a continuous charge to your iPad. Connect wireless IR headphones for private listening. The mount also provides a USB port that supports flash drive use for viewing images.

    A Better Mounting Experience
    The backSTAGE pro II tilts for optimal viewing angles. The mount also easily detaches for theft preventative storage to keep your iPad 2 or new iPad out of direct sight when parked. Use the included soft pouch to store your iPad and mount in a safe location.

    Simple Installation
    Installation is easy with the included Quick Start Guide. Also included are all the necessary tools to have the backSTAGE pro II ready for use in minutes.

    Our handsfree accessories provide you with a convenient location for mounting your device while supporting safe driving habits.
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