Our extensive line of mounts for iPads, iPhones, iPods, GPS, and other devices. iPad mounts for the 1st generation and including the latest iPad. iPhone mounts and iPod mounts can use our universal mounts.

iPad mounts, iPhone mounts and other car mounts


  1. dashDOCK


    Universal Dash Mount for Mobile Devices Learn More
  2. powerMOUNT


    Power Socket Mount for Portable Devices Learn More
  3. powerMOUNT flex

    powerMOUNT flex

    Power Socket Flex Mount + USB Charging Port Learn More
  4. snapFIT


    Window and Vent mount for iPod and iPhone Learn More
  5. stuckUP


    Window & Vent Mounting Kit Learn More
  6. stuckUP™
  7. stuckUP™ Realtree®