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Press Releases


Scosche Ships New EFX True 1-Farad Capacitor and Mini-ANL Fuses


Scosche Ships 29 Aftermarket Stereo Installation Kits


ScoscheLaunches 19 Premier& Performance Grade Interfaces and New Harley Handlebar Control Interface


Scosche launches Black boomBOTTLE H2O - Apple Exclusive


Scosche ships new 10" Powered Sub and Line Output Converter with Remote Level Control


Scosche ships 6 new stereo installation kits for select Chevy, Dodge, Hyundai and Nisaan models


Scosche launches RHYTHM+, Bluetooth Smart & ANT+ compatible Armband Heart Rate Monitor


Scosche ships CES 2014 Hits - boomBOTTLE H2O & boomBOTTLE mini


Scosche ships Speaker Adapter Sets for Chevy Camaro & Silverado


Scosche Adds boomBOTTLE H2O and boomBOTTLE mini to its Award-Winning Line of Rugged

Bluetooth Speakers at CES 2014

Scosche Unveils RHYTHM smart + Heart Rate Monitor with Musci Controls at CES 2014 01.07.14
Scosche Unveils magicMOUNT System of Magnetic Device Mounts for Car, Home or Office 01.07.14
Scosche Launches superCUBE, The Smallest 12 Watt USB Charger on the Market 01.07.14
Scosche Displays smartROLL Electronic Gaming Dice at CES 2014 01.07.14
Scosche Offers Seamless Upgrade Solutions with UAC kits and Data Driven Retention Interface 01.07.14
Scosche Updates EFX Car Audio Accessory Line 01.07.14
Scosche Introduces Powered Subwoofer - SPSW10 01.07.14
Scosche Announces Limited Edition Digital Camo Headphones - RH656 09.18.13
Colorful Scosche boltBOX and microBOX Charge/Sync Lightning and Android Devices 08.06.13
Scosche Adds Splash of California Color to boomBOTTLE 07.25.13
Scosche Announces SDK and Unveils smartROLL Digital Gaming Dice at E3 06.11.13
Scosche Ships Award Winning Bluetooth Stereo Headphones - RH1060 05.07.13
Scosche Introduces New Installation Kit for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles 05.06.13
Scosche Ships Highly Anticipated boomBOTTLE - Rugged Weatherproof Speaker 04.10.13
Scosche Ships New Installation Kit For Toyota Prius C 03.20.13
Scosche Ships New Installation Kit For Scion FR-S 03.07.13
Scoshce Introduces New Installation Kit For Harley Davidson Motorcycles 01.16.13
Scosche Introduces New Speaker Adapter For Harley Davidson Motorcycles 01.15.13
Scosche reqKASE Bike Case & Mount for iPhone 5 Available Now 03.07.13
Scosche First Manufacturer to Offer Both 5 and 12 Watt Wall and Car Lightning Chargers 02.14.13
Scosche boomBOTTLE Delivers Wireless Tunes While You Ride 01.08.13
 Scosche Unveils RH1060 - Reference Grade Bluetooth Headphones  01.08.13
 Scosche Adds a Splash of Color to its Award Winning Headphone Line with lobeDOPE 01.08.13
 Scosche Ships New Installation Kit For Toyota Yaris 11.28.12
 Scosche Announces Lightning Charger Line for Home and Car 11.14.12
 Scosche Industries Launches auxCHARGE Mountable Aux Input 10.30.12
 Scosche Industries Announces Availability of New 8 GB USB Drive 10.30.12
 Scosche Industires Debuts Unique Head Unit With Wireless App Control 10.30.12