Metallic Polycarbonate Case
Part Number: IP4MCV
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  • Description
    Works with both Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4S and 4

    This metalliKASE polycarbonate shell provides superior protection for your iPhone 4. This metallic slim fitting case retains the aesthetic appeal of the iPhone 4. A front mirrored screen protector is included for added security and increased protection.

    Convenient Design
    The sleek fit of this case allows your iPhone to fit easily into your pocket for convenient transportation while staying protected. The polycarbonate shell provides protection against knocks and nicks.

    Simple Use
    Your iPhone 4 fits easily into place inside the metalliKASE providing a snug and secure fit. Simply snap your iPhone into the case.

    Consumer Reports indicates that using a case can help improve reception issues with the iPhone 4
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