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Dual USB Car Charger (10 Watts x 2 Ports)
Part Number: USBC202MW

USB Car Charger | reVOLT c2 Dual USB Charger

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    Charge your iPad AND iPhone in the car with this tiny yet powerful car charger.  But don't worry - it's not just for iPad and iPhone - charge up your Android device, iPod, Smartphone, Tablet or whatever else charges by USB.  With dual 10 Watt USB ports you can even charge two iPad's at once (great for you and your significant other so you don't have to battle over who gets the charge). Even though it packs all that power, it's not going to damage your smaller devices.  reVOLT c2 includes smart circuitry so that you won't fry your iPhone or iPod.  

    reVOLT looks great in your car because it sits nice and flush with your dash.  A blue LED light let's you know that power is coming through the charger.  Just plug in your own USB cables and experience the power for yourself! 

    Quick Specs: 

    - Dual 10 Watt (2.1 Amp) USB ports

    - Low Profile Design

    - Charges two iPads (or iPhones, Smartphones, really any USB powered device) at the same time

     Works with: 
    iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android Devices, Smartphones, Tablets*, BlackBerry, MP3 Players, Gaming devices and more.

    *Samsung Galaxy Tablets do not currently work with this charger


    **Patent number D678,207

    reVOLT c2 works with the free Scosche reVIVE App for advanced battery management.



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