Compact USB Wall Charger
Part Number: USBH121M

USB Wall Charger | Fastest Phone Charger

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  • Description

    The superCUBE is a compact 12 Watt home charger for USB powered devices. This single USB port home charger if perfect for traveling with its compact size. The superCUBE is 40% smaller than other leading 12W chargers.

    12W USB port provides fastest charge possible.

    This home charger allows you to quick charge your device. Use your existing cables to charge iPad, smartphones, MP3 players and more. 

    Works with:

    • Apple
    • Samsung
    • HTC
    • LG
    • Nokia
    • Motorola
    • And more

    Scosche superCUBE 12W charger compared to other 12W chargers





    California Proposition 65
    WARNING: This product contains chemical(s) known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects and other reproductive harm.
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