reVIVE h4

4 Port USB Wall Charger (5 Watts Per Port)
Part Number: USBH204

4 Port USB Wall Charger

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  • Description

    The reVIVE h4 allows you to charge 4 devices at once. Each USB port has been designed to supply 5 Watts (1A) of power.

    Use your existing USB cables to charge your favorite devices.

    The small size and flush folding wall prongs make the reVIVE h4 conveniently portable.

    The flat-top design ensures that the charger will take up minimal space, allowing access to other outlets.

    Works With:
    iPod, iPhone, Android Devices, Smartphones, and more


    **Patent number D683,310

    *Note: reVIVE pro h4 will charge an iPad. However, the iPad will receive a lower charge rate possibly causing your device to charge at a slower speed than if charged using 10 watts (2.1A).

    Works with the free Scosche reVIVE App for advanced battery management. Click below to download the App:

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