reVOLT™ line 10W

Wall Charger for Smartphones and Tablets
Part Number: IHCHRG3

Quick charge your iPod, iPhone, iPad or micro USB device. reVOLT line 10W supplies 10 Watts of power to charge nearly any device.

Quick Charge Your Devices

10 Watts of power will charge your device as quickly and efficiently as possible. Charge the power hungry iPad and other tablets at their full potential (10 Watts will not harm an iPhone or other smartphone in any way).

Patented Sliding Adapter

An integrated sliding adapter works with devices with a dock connector or micro USB.

Flush Folding Wall Prongs

Integrated flush folding wall prongs ensure that this charger is ...Read More

iPad Home Wall Charger | Wall Charger for Smartphones and Tablets

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  • reVOLT™ line 10W
  • reVOLT™ line 10W