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Scosche's health and fitness line-up starts with the award-winning Rhythm+™ Armband Heart Rate Monitor that conveniently and super-accurately monitors your heart rate and workout intensity to maximize every workout without the need for a chest strap. And whether you’re surfing, mountain biking, running or training at the gym, you can count on our portable Bluetooth speakers like the award-winning boomBOTTLE®, sports headphones and ergonomic earbuds to play your favorite tunes and keep you connected via your iPhone or other mobile devices. Also check out Scosche’s other premium health and fitness accessories, such as bike mounts and armband cases.

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  1. RoadRocker XL

    RoadRocker XL

    Bike Bag with Speaker for Mobile Devices and Accessories Learn More

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  2. MagicMount Handlebar

    MagicMount Handlebar

    Magnetic Handlebar Mount w/Elastic Bands Learn More

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  3. Rhythm+ Second
  4. Rhythm+ Straps
  5. Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

    SportFlex™ AIR

    Wireless Adjustable Earbuds with Mic + Controls Learn More

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  6. Bike Mount for BTCan
  7. SoundKase™


    Ultra-light Sport Armband Case for Smartphones Learn More

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  8. HandleIt Pro™

    HandleIt Pro™

    Weather-Resistant Handlebar Mount for Mobile Devices Learn More

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  9. HandleIt™ Pro XL

    HandleIt™ Pro XL

    Weather-Resistant Handlebar Mount for Larger Smartphones Learn More

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  10. HandleIt™


    Bike Mount for Mobile Devices Learn More

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  11. BoomBars
  12. thudBUDS sport