Accumat - AMT060HFSK

Damping material for interior panels; trunks and doors. (2 pcs. 12 x 122 pcs. 12" x 12", Box.)
Part Number: AMT060HFSK

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    2 pcs. 12" x 12", Box. HyperFlex Damping material for interior panels; trunks and doors.

    Whether you want a quiet ride or you're a car audio enthusiast, upgrade your car with Accumat and eliminate unwanted vibrations and road noise.

    Better materials mean better performance. It's not impossible to win the battle against unwanted noise and vibration. All you need is the proper application of the laws of physics.

    Better research produces superior materials. Scosche has developed Accumat Hyperflex, the ideal material for eliminating unwanted noise.

    AMT060HF offers superb flexibility for better installations, and with pressure sensitive adhesive is extremely easy to use. AMT060HF exudes no odors, and significantly reduces interior noise levels and unwanted vibration and heat.

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