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Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
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Bluetooh Wireless Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Android

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  • Description
    Type with ease on this Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard. The freeKEY pro combines wireless freedom and ergonomic comfort into the essential tool for getting the most out of any iPad, iPhone, Android or other Bluetooth supported device.

    Advantages and Applications
    The freeKEY pro makes typing with your device easy and efficient. You no longer have to struggle while completing emails or getting work done away from your desktop computer. The extremely long lasting battery will provide up to 75 hours of life before having to be recharged.

    Convenient Design
    The integrated ergonomic hand rest allows for comfortable typing. Rugged high quality silicone material repels dust and liquids, making the freeKEY pro able to withstand even the worst of spills. The freeKEY pro tucks away into your purse or messenger bag pocket while taking up hardly any room.

    Along with your iPad, the innovative design of the freeKEY pro enables it to be used with your new iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, laptop and many other Bluetooth enables devices.

    Simple Use
    With up to 30 feet of wireless range, this water resistant wireless keyboard will be great to use wherever you need it. The included cable allows you to keep the freeKEY pro always charged and ready-to-go.

    - Support Profiles: Bluetooth 2.0, HID

    NOTE - Android devices require firmware 3.0.1 or newer. Requires HID Bluetooth profile. Check your device owner's manual for compatibility information.

    Patent No.7,570,614
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