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Consumer electronics and the batteries that often drive them have a usable life span. Whether your product is nearing the end of it usable life or you simply wish to replace it with a newer one, it’s important to responsibly recycle your electronics and batteries. 
If your electronics are still in good working condition, you could consider donating them to a local school, retirement home or community center. They are often in need of such equipment and you’d be surprised how valuable your “old” device is to someone else.
SCOSCHE has partnered with the following organizations who specialize in processing Electronic Waste (e-Waste) and batteries using techniques that are environmentally responsible and will help to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. These industry programs, which use strict standards and third-party certified recyclers, ensure that your device will be recycled responsibly,

Please join us in our commitment to the environment, by properly disposing of your Electronic Waste!


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