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The TuneIt FM transmitter plugs into the 3.5mm jack of your iPhone, Smartphone or other mobile devices to provide a clear and crisp audio signal through your car stereo. Use the integrated aux cable to plug the TuneIn into the headphone jack of your device.

• Built-in 3.5mm Cable
• 3-Station Programmable Memory
• Flex-Neck

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iPod FM Transmitter

Reviews (9)
  1. Works great!

    I bought it. I plugged it in. It works great :) The adjustable flex neck is an awesome idea. It looks good in my truck.

    By Edward R, on 10/22/2015
  2. Not even a month...

    I barely had it a month, and the part that plugs into the outlet of your car, just fell apart. Tried putting it back together and no longer works. Very upsetting. I've taken it apart and put it back together again trying to get it to work and no bueno. Sure, while I had it it sounded amazing, cut out every so often but no too terrible. Still upset it just fell apart.

    By Brandi, on 7/5/2014
  3. Good, but...

    Good product. Transmits very well, but I bought it because of its frequency range. It listed a range of 87.5FM-107.9FM. It doesn't go all the way down to 87.5, stops at 88.1. I wonder why it's so hard to find one that will broadcast below 88.1? I had one that would, but it finally died a few months ago(after 6 years of use). All well, in the meantime this one works just fine.

    By Bryan, on 3/24/2014
  4. not goid

    i bought my first one and it worked well and sounded good except for the fact that ever 10-15 mins it would cut out and i would have to turn it off and on. i decided to buy another one thinking the first was a lemon and the second it much worst. it will cuz out every 30-40 seconds. absolute garbage

    By justin, on 10/28/2013
  5. Awesome device!!!

    This is FM transmitter worked wonderfully on the first day that I used it!!! it has no static whatsoever.the audio jack is hardwired to the unit which means If it does break you have to replace it.otherwise this is a superb unit.

    By nick, on 9/4/2013
  6. Awesome.

    Best FM Transmitter I've used. Sound was very good, no fuzz or static. Worked great on iPhone, iPod, my Samsung phone and my Asus tablet. Only downside is that the sound jack is hardwired in so if it breaks then you'd have to buy a new transmitter. I would definitely buy this again.

    By Craig, on 8/26/2013
  7. awesome

    this is by far the best transmitter ever. plugged it in, went with the factory setting station and have not had to change the station. no static, no fading in and out. i would highly recommend!

    By katrina, on 5/16/2013
  8. Wonderful

    As of a day after buying it, it works great. You're gonna want to find the best unused frequencies for your area, so just Google, "Unused frequencies FM" and you can find a good frequency to turn to. The side buttons are a bit flimsy which makes it easy to accidentally press them when you're moving the unit. The goose-neck is really stiff and the plug is a bit difficult to fit into the car, but once you manage to do it, everything works like a charm.

    By Garett, on 5/4/2013
  9. great product!

    I have a bose system in my car so it has been difficult to find anything that didnt have other sounds picked up but then i found your product and there's no hiss or anything. my music comes out crystal clear! and I love how you can contort it so its not in the way. the only problem i have had is the side buttons are so sensitive a light touch and the channel flips.

    By Mo, on 4/1/2013

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