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thudBUDS produce genuine acoustics, solid mids and bursting bass. These simple, yet refined buds let you hear your music the way it was meant to be heard. thudBUDS are lightweight, ergonomic and ...Read More

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    Okay so I was in the market for some cheap ear buds as I left mine at work and someone decided to rip them apart. I had to run to walmart anyway so I picked me up a pair of Scosche Thudbuds for like $13. These buds are better than any other I've bought. I've had $50 Skull Candy's that didn't come close to these things. They call them Thudbuds for a good reason. First pair of ear buds I've ever used other than Beats or Marley's that actually have deep bass that I'd compare to a system in a car. If you are in the market for some buds, BUY these!

    By Jon, on 3/28/2013

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