reVOLT™ pro

reVOLT™ pro

Part Number: USBC202M
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**This reVOLT is currently our previous generation USB car charger. We strongly recommend looking at our new and improved version, reVOLT 12wt with glow ports

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iPad Charger


Charge your iPad AND iPhone in the car with this tiny yet powerful car charger.  But don't worry - it's not just for iPad and iPhone - charge up your Android device, iPod, Smartphone, Tablet or whatever else charges by USB.  With dual 10 Watt USB ports you can even charge two iPad's at once (great for you and your significant other so you don't have to battle over who gets the charge). ...Read More

USB Car Charger reVOLT Dual USB Charger

Reviews (4)
  1. We LOVE this product

    We have two of these and two retractable cables. strikeLINE. These are guaranteed to keep you car organized and your iPhone 5 and iPad charged.

    By Mindy, on 5/22/2013
  2. We LOVE this product

    I hate when my car is messy. Whoever thought of having a cable that is retractable is genius.

    By Mindy, on 5/22/2013
  3. Great!

    Powerful, small, and can charge my iPhone and my wife's iPad together.

    By Dom, on 3/28/2013
  4. Now we have three of these

    We bought one after I upgraded to an iPhone 5 and my wife still had the 4s. Now we have three of them, one for each car, and we have six of the retractable cables. Our cars don't have wires every where and that charger charges FAST and that makes it worth the few extra bucks.

    By Mike, on 3/15/2013

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