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Optimized for Outdoors™
Experience remarkable audio with the boomBOTTLE® - Rugged Wireless Mobile Speaker that fits right inside your bicycle water bottle cage. boomBOTTLE® has been designed to bring entertainment to the outdoors. This wireless Bluetooth® mobile speaker is weatherproof and durable, allowing you to take your music virtually anywhere.

Remarkable Sound
Dual 40mm drivers and passive subwoofer produce impressive audio and improved acoustics. The Omni-directional speaker cone sends music in all directions.

Integrated Music Controls
Easily control play, pause, track forward/backward, ...Read More

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Mobile Speaker

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  1. Rugged

    Had one of these for about a year now, still runs as strong from since it was new and it's not exactly been given an easy time: dropped in a lake (multiple times) thank god it floats, thrown out a car window plus multiple hours being blasted on the beach.
    Overall great piece of kit and for the money/durability wipes the floor with the beats pill. Only improvements to recommend would be a bit more kick from the bass.

    By T M, on 8/12/2015
  2. buy it

    I owned the beatspill. it broke the first time i dropped it. I cant tell you how many times ive dropped this(yes im clumsy) and its still kicking. sounds better then the pill too

    By Allie, on 3/20/2015
  3. great sound

    My over all experience with this speaker has been pretty good. Sound quality is superb with out any distortion. Very rugged and versatile. The only down fall is the speaker phone option. I feel like it's not loud enough and it's very hard to hear. Should be as loud as the music produced.

    By stickman, on 1/12/2015

    Sound and battery is outstanding.
    Don't know yet about the product life over time but as of right now.....we love it and we're going to buy more.

    By DARKNESS, on 5/21/2014
  5. definite must have

    3 hours charge time and I have gotten 14 hours of play time for music my only complaint is the chargeing port is sub par I have had mine from 12/25 till 1/27 and use to the point of charging it only once a day and already having problems with the port but the better things about this are very ruggedized and great sound even in the cold and out side for long times just wish that call voice was louder and that music thats quiet was louder

    By eric, on 1/27/2014
  6. Great

    Better than I expected

    By Peter Levin, on 10/8/2013
  7. It does the job

    I've rided with the boomBOTTLE during a cycle trip with friends which lasted for 15 days. the boomBOTTLE was on several hours each days, the quality and loudness of sound is quite impressive and it deserves a special reward for its long battery life.

    By Simon, on 10/8/2013
  8. Not for a fast cyclist

    If you can pace 18mph or better, its sound disappears...

    Great design, wanted to like it, but can't hear it over road and wind. Did not matter bluetooth or hard wired.

    By ken, on 10/8/2013
  9. Impressed

    Was waiting for this product to hit the streets, and ordered it the first day it was in stock. It seems very durable and the design is eye catching. The strength of this speaker is that it doesn't sound distorted at high volumes, making it perfect for outdoor use. As long as it holds up to daily use, I'm sure I'll be satisfied with this speaker for a long time.

    By Rubes, on 10/8/2013
  10. Nice construction, sounds good, loud and not too heavy

    I had been waiting for this for a couple of years. I saw people with the ihome bottle speaker for bikes and wanted one so bad, but they discontinued them by the time I even found out about them! This thing pops up and i bought it as soon as it was available. It has very nice construction, it sounds very good so far and it gets loud. I want to use it on my bke and its not too heavy as well. All in all i love it even more than I thought I would. I think it's actually a better product than the ihome product that I assume inspired this.

    By Grant, on 10/8/2013

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