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The RH600 award-winning on-ear headphones combine a delicate sonic balance with vintage aesthetics.

Each component of the RH600 reference grade headphones works in perfect harmony to deliver a completely symmetrical listening experience.

These headphones have been equalized to create highs, mids and lows that compliment each other. With tight treble and punchy bass, the RH600 are perfect for any genre of music.

The finest materials have been selected (viscoelastic memory foam and supple genuine leather ear cushions) to ensure the most comfortable listening experience possible.

Listen and you'll hear the difference.

*Includes faux leather travel pouch

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The Best Quality Headphones

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  1. High quality across all ranges

    These are comfy, and are near perfect monitor headphones, especially at this price range

    By Isaac, on 10/4/2013

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