reVIVE c2

Dual 5 Watt (1A) USB Car Charger
Part Number: USBC102M

Car Charger for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Other Smart Phones

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    reVIVE pro c2 is a sleek and powerful car charger for USB powered devices. This dual USB port car charger keeps your devices charged on the go.

    This car charger allows you to charge 2 devices at once - even 2 smartphones simultaneously. Each USB port has been designed to supply 5 Watts (1A) of power.

    reVIVE pro c2 includes an ultra low-profile design that fits flush in most vehicle power sockets - ensuring the best use of valuable space around your dashboard.

    Works with:
    iPod, iPhone, Android Devices, Smartphones, BlackBerry, MP3 Players, Gaming devices and more.

    reVOLT c2 works with the free Scosche reVIVE App for advanced battery management. Click below to download the App:

    Under Exclusive North American License Agreement Patent Number 7,473,141 B1

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