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10" Powered HD Subwoofer
Part Number: HDPSW10L

HDPSW10 is a 10" shallow powered subwoofer and amplifier that sits encased inside a slim-fitting enclosure.  This 3-in-1 solution includes a high output 10" subwoofer, an optimized vented enclosure and a 250 Watt RMS mono Class-D amplifier.  If features powerful bass output with precise musical reproduction and a mountable remote bass level control knob.  HDPSW10 includes a slim wedge design - ideal for mounting in small spaces like those found in hatchbacks, pick-up trucks and more.  

3-in-1 SOLUTION:


- IMPP Cone with rubber surround for enhanced durability ...Read More

10 Inch Shallow Powerfed Subwoofer

California Prop 65 WARNING
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  • Shallow Powerfed Subwoofer hdpsw10
  • hdpsw10 Shallow Powerfed Subwoofer
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