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PowerUp 700 with PowerUp QuickConnect Bundle

700 Amp Portable Car Jump Starter with Battery Jumper Leads + SAE Trickle Charger Adapter
Part Number PBJ700-1-PBJQC

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PowerUp 700

• High-Capacity 15,000mAh Lithium-ion Battery w/700 Amp Peak
• Jump Start Vehicles up to 10 Cylinders
• Spark-Free, 6-Point Safety Protection System
• Dual 5V (2.1A + 1.1A) USB Ports for Charging Mobile Devices
• Safety Protection against Short Circuit, Reverse Connection, Polarity, & More
• Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight
• 1000+ Charge / Discharge Cycle
• Backwards Compatible to work with smaller engines
• LED Battery Power Level Indicator
• Works great on cars, trucks, boats, ATV/UTVs and more

QuickConnect Cables

QuickConnect Cables safely connect your Scosche PowerUp 300 or 700 to your motorcycle or vehicle battery with ring terminal connectors, instead of clumsy alligator clamps.
The plug and play Charger Adapter safely connects third-party (SAE output) trickle chargers with your motorcycle or vehicle.

Compact Jump Starter with Battery Jumper Leads

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PowerUp 700 FAQs

Connecting the clamps together can generate a spark and cause a short circuit which can damage the Powerbank.

Yes corrosion on the battery terminals will keep to clamps from making contact.

Scosche jump starter is designed to work on dead batteries that still have 4volts worth of power left so the Powerbank will not turn on if the battery is 100% drained. The Boost Button will override that feature and allow you to start a completely discharged battery if needed.

The Powerbank can be charged and discharged 1000+ times without causing any damage to the internal battery.

The Powerbank is backwards compatible and can jump an engine as low as 4 cylinders and as high as 10 cylinders.

Yes The PBJ700 IS capable of jumpstarting an 8+ cylinder engine.

The Powerbank can jump start a car up to 3 times on a full charge.

The Powerbank can hold a charge up to 6 Months.

Meet The New Emergency Kit Essential

This innovative versatile product can quickly easily and safely jumpstart a wide range of vehicles with a powerful portable high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery plus you can charge mobile devices and the multi-mode flashlight maximizes visibility in the dark. Best of all it's spark-free. Works great on cars trucks boats ATV/UTVs and more.

PowerUp 700 - Spark Proof Clamps

Spark Proof Clamps

How many times have you messed around with jumper cables only to have the positive and negative touch? With most portable jumpers on the market you can cause a short circuit and permanently damage the unit when those clamps come in contact. Plus sparks can be dangerous to you and the vehicle as well. The Scosche PowerUp was designed with Spark Proof technology allowing you your vehicle and the unit to stay safe should the clamps touch.

PowerUp 700 - Extended  Powerful Charge

Extended Powerful Charge

The high-capacity 15 000 mAh Lithium-ion battery helps provide a peak jump start current of 700 Amps. This allows you to jump start a vehicle with an engine up to 10 cylinders. With a slow discharge the PBJ700 can hold a charge for up to 6 months.

PowerUp 700 - Ultra-Bright LED

Ultra-Bright LED

Need some extra light? This unit has you covered. With the built-in ultra-bright LED you're provided with plenty of light to find your battery terminals find your phone in the abyss under your seat in your carry bag or wherever you may need it. The LED can also has a strobe and SOS flashing option.

PowerUp 700 - Multi-functional Dual 5V USB Ports

Multi-functional Dual 5V USB Ports

This unit includes many other great features such as the ability to use as a backup battery for mobile devices. Providing you with one 2.1A and one 1.1A USB ports you can change two devices at once!

UL cert

UL Certified

Never get stranded with a flat battery again. Scosche’s portable vehicle jump starters are UL Safety Certified, simple to use and quickly get you started and on your way.

close up cable

QuickConnect Cables

The abrasion-resistant braided sleeving and weather-resistant connector housing for durability and long life. The heat-resistant jacket works in extreme environments up to 392*F.

cables connectors

Connect your Scosche PowerUp 300 or 700

The 5/8” ring terminal connectors work with most battery terminal posts or clamp bolts. Design with a 10GA Oxygen-free Copper conductors for maximum current delivery and corrosion-resistance.

How to Connect the Scosche PowerUp QuickConnect

  • High-Capacity 15,000 mAh Lithium-ion Battery 
  • Peak Jumpstar Current of 700 Amps
  • Works on Engines up to 10 Cylinders
  • Spark-Free, 6-Point Safety Protection
  • Safety Protection Against Short Circuit, Reverse Connection & More
  • Dual USB Charge Ports for Smartphones, Tablets & More 
  • Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight
  • Front Panel Battery Level Indicator
  • Holds Charge for up to 12 months
  • 1000+ Charge / Discharge Cycle


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