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True Confessions of a Scosche MagicMount Addict and How It Changed My Life

MagicMount Pro Dual Mount

By: Lynn Grogan

I’ll admit, I have a rather unhealthy attachment to my phone. Sometimes, it will inexplicably vanish from the face of the earth, which can provoke a response ranging from mild panic to outright psychotic hysteria. I’m not proud of this affliction, but must admit to finding comfort in the knowledge that virtually everyone I know tends to misplace their phone on a semi-regular basis – and that they too experience varying degrees of wild-eyed agitation until they track it down.

I used to misplace my phone at least once a week. You know where it would often show up? Wedged in that crack between my car seat and the center consul. I kept a kebab skewer in my glove compartment at all times in order to poke it out of that dark, crumb-filled crevice. When a friend pointed out that the kebab skewer may be considered a deadly weapon, I realized it was time to address the situation. One day, as I mulled over the possibility of stuffing the car seat crevice with paper towels, fate intervened in the form of a Scosche catalog.

Now, I can tell you, there were lots of really cool, award-winning products to get excited about in that Scosche catalog. Waterproof wireless speakers, headsets, all kinds of amazing car audio stuff, heart rate monitors, cables and chargers in lots of great colors.  But all I could see was the MagicMount system. It shined from the pages like a beacon of hope. Could I finally return my kebab skewer to the kitchen utensil drawer?

Described as “An award-winning, innovative magnetic mounting system for conveniently mounting smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to a wide array of surfaces,” I read that you can just hover your device near the magnetic surface of the MagicMount and it will instantly lock securely into place. I was also intrigued by the description of the “sleek, cradle-free design” that uses high-powered magnets to secure your dScosche MagicMount Pro Ventevices anywhere you use them most.  For me it should have said “lose them the most” but either way, I was sold. There were lots to choose from, but I ended up selecting the P
owerMount, which plugs into my car’s charger, allowing me to simultaneously charge my phone. And its “adjustable flex neck design” means it’s nice and bendy so it can easily be swiveled and adjusted for viewing. I must admit, I did squeal with delight the first time I felt that magnet grab onto my phone. And wow, does that thing have a good grip. To date, despite lots of stop-and-go downtown traffic and an accidental and unpleasantly lengthy off-road detour through a field that seemed to be infested with giant gophers, my trusty PowerMount has never failed me.

So yes, I confess. I am now a Scosche MagicMount addict. We have some long road trips coming up, and I’m planning on getting two Scosche HeadrestMounts to mount my kids’ tablets to the headrests for the trip. If you’ve ever had one of those double-screen DVD systems you’ll understand why this makes sense. No more wires for those little feet to get caught on and pull out. No more fighting over which movie to watch on the trip. Nope. Just two safely secured tablets and two wireless Bluetooth headsets. I’m also getting a couple of MagicMounts for the house. I can use them to mount my tablet while cooking in the kitchen, mount and display my phone in my office (yes, I’ve been known to lose it among the general clutter of my desk…) and I’m considering getting one for the bathroom just in case I ever get to soak in the tub long enough to listen to a whole song from start to finish. Did I mention that they’re ridiculously affordable? Well they are. So this year, as there’s a MagicMount for virtually every vehicle and surface you could think of, I’ll be buying a bunch of them as holiday gifts. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the kebab skewer has been safely returned to the utensil drawer and now only crumbs inhabit the car seat crevice.

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