BoomBottle H2O+: Five Reasons to Run Out and Get One

Portable Speaker

By: Lynn Grogan

Not so long ago, there wasn’t much to choose from when it came to portable wireless speakers. Now there are lots of them. Ranging dramatically in price, features and performance, it can be difficult to figure out the best speaker for your specific needs. As always, you really have to determine how you’re going to be using your speaker. Will it be primarily for indoor use with occasional relocation to the backyard for entertaining? Or will you be taking it camping? To the beach? To the gym? On a hike or bike ride? Well, while great for both indoor and backyard purposes, the BoomBottle H2O+ Rugged Waterproof Wireless Speaker from Scosche has been built specifically to withstand the rigors of the outdoors while also providing excellent functionality. Here a just a few of the many reasons why you’re going to love taking this cool speaker on your next adventure outdoors.

  1. It’s shaped like a water bottle.

Now, this may not seem like such an earth-shattering innovation, but how many wireless Bluetooth speakers have you seen that actually slip snugly into a standard bike bottle cage, cup holder or the side pocket of a backpack? Exactly. It’s all well and good having a portable, wireless speaker that you can take to the beach or to the campsite, but how cool is it to have a speaker that you can use on the journey – while you’re out hiking to and from the campsite? Or while out riding your bike on a trail or through city traffic? You’ll never have to duct tape this speaker to your bike frame or wedge it inside your backpack, which can sometimes block and disrupt streaming capabilities, plus it could fall out. Also, while the BoomBottle H2O+’s Bluetooth capabilities allow it to stream audio from your device, it also features a 3.5 mm auxiliary input for connecting other devices when wireless capabilities aren’t needed.

  1. It’s waterproof – and it floats. Seriously.

Okay, so you may not be in the habit of chucking your electronic devices into nearby pools, bathtubs, the ocean, etc.  But it is nice to know that if your BoomBottle H2O+ does get knocked into the pool, or a rogue wave carries it off into the ocean, not only will it remain in full working order, but it’ll also float, making it way easier to retrieve. And beyond random mishaps, another thing that is particularly cool about having a truly waterproof speaker is knowing you can dunk it in a bucket or in a stream to wash off the grime and sand. You can get this speaker really filthy, rinse it off, and it’ll still work beautifully and look fantastic.

  1. It’s so good looking…

Now speaking of looks, call me shallow, but I do appreciate a good-looking wireless speaker when I see one.  And let’s be honest, there are some downright unattractive speakers out there that certainly don’t have enough great qualities “on the inside” to make up for their less appealing surface attributes. The BoomBottle H2O+ looks great. It’s sleek and stylish, yet rugged and sturdy. Available in a variety of stylish colors, you simply can’t go wrong.

  1. It sounds amazing.

When it comes to technology, we’re sometimes forced to compromise on quality and functionality. With the BoomBottle H2O+ you may assume that the emphasis upon certain features, such as sturdiness, portability and appearance, may indicate a deficit in other areas, such as sound quality and general functionality.  Happily, this is definitely not the case. First off, the integrated front controls are really easy to use, allowing you to regulate play, pause, track forward/backward, adjust volume and more. And yes, it sounds great. The BoomBottle H2O+ has a powerful 12W 50mm up-firing speaker and passive subwoofer for impressive, clear audio and improved acoustics. And the up-firing speaker sends music in all directions and includes a protective speaker grill and shock absorbing speaker cap. True stereo sound is just seconds away when you take two H2O+ speakers and dual pair them. One will then act as the left channel and the other as the right. Just open the back cover and use the pairing button to pair up your two BoomBottle H2O+s.

  1. Excellent battery life!

A rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides up to 11 hours of continuous music playback, which is pretty impressive. And you can easily charge your BoomBottle H2O+ before you head out, using the cable that’s included, featuring the patent pending EZTip™ Reversible Connector . With EZTip, you can insert the connector either side up so you get the right fit first time, every time. Another nice feature is the option to charge your phone and other mobile devices directly from the speaker itself. BoomBottle H2O+ streams audio from all ASDP streaming devices, including iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops and more.

When it comes to quality, size, price, looks and functionality, you’ll have no trouble finding the speaker you’ve been looking for among the Scosche BoomBottle family of Rugged Bluetooth wireless speakers. As the newest member, the BoomBottle H2O+ is continuing the family tradition of garnering rave reviews and winning industry awards for excellence. So, take it for a ride, dunk it in bathtub and roll it in the sand. You’ll see for yourself, this speaker is the perfect addition to your indoor and outdoor lifestyle.  

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