How a Few Essential Products from Scosche Garage Helped Transform My Garage

Scosche Garage

By Lynn Grogan

You know those bright, pristine garages with polished concrete floors? Sleek, white walls lined with tons of custom, built-in storage? Well, our garage isn’t like that.

Last year, we bought a ping pong table. It is located in the garage, in the spot previously occupied by my Honda Pilot. The garage also houses some filing cabinets, a very large weight machine, a second full-sized refrigerator, some boogie boards, several adult and kids’ bicycles and shelves stacked with approximately 25 boxes of miscellaneous nostalgia, paperwork and junk accumulated over the last twenty years. Despite its contents, our garage is still pretty functional and we all spend time in there on a daily basis. The kids play ping pong. My husband and I do quite a lot of DIY projects and he occasionally lifts weights in order to justify the presence of that huge weight machine we’ve been lugging around with us for decades.

It’s definitely a multi-purpose garage space, and until recently we weren’t using it to its full potential. But with the addition of some very cool Scosche products, showcased in the newly launched Scosche Garage, our garage is now a much more appealing place to spend time.

Power Problems Solved With GoBat 12000

One thing that’s always bothered me about our garage is the fact that there are only two electrical outlets. They’re both difficult to reach and I don’t like sticking my arm behind the filing cabinets to access them. There could be spiders lurking back there. Or something with teeth (a baby raccoon once snuck in there). It’s really annoying when your tablet dies at a crucial point in a Bob Vila DIY video on rewiring a lamp. So I bought a couple of GoBat™ 12000 rugged portable backup batteries from Scosche Garage. Problem solved. These batteries contain 12000 mAh of pure power, capable of charging most smartphones up to six times. Perfect for keeping my laptop going long enough for me to realize I have no business attempting to rewire anything. I can barely figure out how to insert batteries correctly. My husband uses the GoBat to keep his phone and tablet charged (it has two USB ports, enabling you to charge two devices simultaneously) so he can watch the game while doing DIY projects or working out.   

No Surround Sound? No Worries.

By now, it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to you that our garage is not wired for surround sound. But since the arrival of the ping pong table, the garage has become a popular gathering spot when friends and family come over, so I was considering having a basic surround-sound system installed. Fortunately, instead, I bought two BoomBottle®+ portable speakers with dual pairing from Scosche Garage. These amazing, rugged speakers fill our oversized garage with great sound and were a lot less expensive and troublesome to install than a typical surround-sound system. To be fair, just one of these speakers would have been more than adequate, but it’s really nice to have the stereo surround sound. Rugged, waterproof and wireless, each speaker features two 50mm high-quality speakers, switchable equalization (EQ) for sound enhancement outdoors and a powerful, internal rechargeable battery that you can use to charge your mobile devices from the speaker. They’re perfect for the garage – even with the door open – and for any outdoor gathering. I selected our speakers in black with gold accents, but there are several color options to choose from, as well as a very cool looking Rockstar® Edition.

Lastly Don’t Get Me Started on MagicMounts…

I’ve written before about my love for the Scosche MagicMount™ System. I started off with one in my car, which was a total game changer for me. My phone was always sliding around and getting stuck in the gap between the seat and the center console. And now that we have laws here in California, mandating that mobile devices can’t be picked up and handled while driving, my MagicMount is an absolute essential. Needless to say, I’ve installed MagicMounts all over my home, including the garage. These powerful, magnetic mounts can be installed virtually anywhere in your home – on walls and countertops in your foyer, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage and anywhere else you want to mount and display a phone or tablet, or just to keep everyday items at hand, such as remote controls, keys, tools and more. I have a MagicMount on our weight machine, so I can watch TV on my tablet or listen to music while working out. We also have one on each of the walls for holding keys, tools, or whatever else we’re trying to avoid losing.

While our garage will never look like the sleek, impeccably organized garages you see on TV and in the pages of glossy auto magazines, it’s now a lot more functional and fun, thanks to a variety of excellent Scosche products. So, whether you’re working on your vehicle or spending time on DIY projects, hobbies, fitness pursuits or virtually anything else, you’ll find lots of amazing products at Scosche Garage that’ll really enhance the time you spend in your garage.

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