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Holiday Shopping in Modern Times – How the NEW Scosche.com Saved Me

Black Friday Shopping

By: Chris Merritt

In the All-Your-Holiday-Shopping-Has-To-Be-Done-Now-Or-You-Will-Disappoint-All-of-Your-Loved-Ones-and-Be-Cast-Out-of-Your-Family time period that we’re immersed in right now I find myself being inundated with emails. Many of them originate from businesses where I’ve recently made online purchases, although some weren’t even all that recent. It’s like the Holiday Season is taking over  my email on a daily basis.

In light of this, I’ve been inspired to reflect upon how I ended up on the receiving end of these emails – the original purchases I made on these sites. What was that one thing (or more) that got me on these sites in the first place? What was it that made me  so satisfied with the products and the companies that I signed up for their email communications? I will read these emails when they come in most of the time – especially if/when there is a sale. You can never know what kinds of great deals await.

Do you remember when ordering products online was considered to be a sketchy endeavor?  It wasn’t that long ago  that people felt fearful and nervous about entering their credit/debit card info for an online order. These days it seems like the opposite – you’re actually safer ordering online.

There is a hybridization of experiences for holiday shopping where you can order online and then pickup at a local store as well, but even that can have its drawbacks. I recently had an experience where I ordered something online that was said to be in stock at the store only to have the store not be able to locate the item to fill my order. Two days later, when I found the item at another store of the same chain, I was then advised to cancel the original order. I then couldn’t get the gift card refunded that I had used for the purchase, so that took another two days to get cleared up. Five days and quite a few headaches later I got my goods, but I would much rather have saved myself the hassle by ordering  online and receiving it in the mail.

I am all for the anti-lazy approach of physically shopping, but with stores being so ridiculously congested, staff being overworked and items running out of stock it’s hard to get motivated to deal with it all.  Even finding a place to park is a major challenge!  Then, if you’re at all like me, you have a 50 percent chance of finding the one icy spot in the parking lot guaranteeing a spectacular wipeout for all to see. Because of all this, and I’m sure plenty of other reasons I didn’t list, online shopping truly has become the most convenient means for holiday shopping. Fight crowds at the mall versus using my laptop while in my pajamas on my couch sipping some hot chocolate – no brainer.

This was a large part of the inspiration for the new design for Scosche.com. It was designed to make sure that the user shopping experience was simplified, fast and efficient, starting with the ability to find the products you want throughout the checkout process. Product collections have also been introduced so you can find products that complement each other as well as a slick user interface that is responsive in design to display clearly on all devices. There is the New Arrivals page that provides you with some of the newest products Scosche has available plus Coming Soon which as the name implies gives you a glimpse at what new products will soon be available. Ease of use and the satisfaction of the end user were the primary focus during the site’s redesign because user experience is what makes or breaks an online buying decision. Finally – some simplicity to the craziness that is holiday shopping!

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