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Keep Eyes on the Road with the Powerful & Stylish MagicMount Pro!

MagicMount Pro Vent Silver

By: Lynn Grogan

Most of us are pretty dependent on our mobile devices, particularly when driving. Thanks to voice recognition technology, we can now send and receive text messages, get directions from GPS, play music and play/pause video for rear seat screening — all without ever touching a device. That said, none of these things are manageable when the mobile device in question is sliding around the front passenger seat or has fallen onto the floor. Even if you’ve carefully wedged it somewhere in the center console, it can still be really difficult, if not impossible, to communicate and fully interact with your device without picking it up, which is far from ideal, or legal, with regard to road safety and convenience. This is where a good cell phone mounting system becomes absolutely essential, and there’s none better than the MagicMount family of magnetic mounts from Scosche.

MagicMount – America’s #1 Mount Brand

For years, Scosche has been breaking new ground and winning awards with the innovative MagicMount Magnetic Mounting System. You can mount your phone, tablet or virtually any mobile device pretty much anywhere in your vehicle, home or office with what’s now recognized as America’s #1 Mount brand. They’re so handy and affordable it’s hard to buy just one, which probably factors into their remarkable popularity. And if you aren’t already totally hooked on the MagicMount system then you definitely will be once you’ve checked out the brand-new MagicMount Pro collection. Lauded as the most powerful and versatile MagicMount system ever and hailed by iLounge as worthy of “high recommendation,” the MagicMount Pro series features three new Magnetic Mounts: MagicMount Pro Vent, MagicMount Pro Window/Dash and MagicMount Pro Dash.

Powerful and Very Versatile

The MagicMount Pro Window/Dash and Pro Dash models provide a 30 percent stronger grip, utilizing powerful earth-magnets, while the Pro Vent magnetic mount boasts extensive “on-the-go” versatility for travel, adapting easily for desktop display. And if you’re concerned about attaching such a strong magnet to your device, you really don’t need to be. The entire MagicMount line is built using Neodymium magnets, designed to securely maintain a tight grip on devices in both smooth and bumpy terrain. These magnets are 100 percent device safe and won’t damage devices when mounted.  

…And They Look Great

Oh yes. In addition to being stronger and more versatile than ever before, the new MagicMount Pro Magnetic Mounts look really great, too. Uniting style and function, each of the three new mounts comes with two stylish, interchangeable trim rings in Black and Silver, with additional color options available soon in Carbon Fiber, Rose Gold, Gold and Space Gray. So you can match up or contrast your MagicMount Pro Magnetic Mount with your vehicle’s interior or to the color of the mobile device.
Once you’ve experienced the sheer convenience of having a MagicMount Pro in your vehicle, home or office you’ll be totally hooked. And thanks to the fact that they’re ridiculously affordable you really don’t have to limit yourself to just one. Remember, they’re not just for inside your car! You can mount your device in the kitchen, on your desk, on the patio, on your nightstand, or on your pull-down tray during a flight.

Cell Phone Mounting System

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