Scosche Products Make Holiday Travel Better for the Masses

Holiday Travel

By: Chris Merritt

It’s coming. Crowded airport terminals. Overflowing train stations. Packed freeways. Holiday travel is about to start.

Being a transplant from the northeast, every year I make the trek back to New England from my home in Southern California. What usually serves as my yearly reminder of why I don’t live in cold weather anymore also has proven to be a measure of futility and patience. People everywhere, weather delays and the impending holidays themselves all weigh in on everyone. The last thing you want to have to pile onto that stress sandwich is your phone or tablet dying on you while in transit.

I don’t enjoy traveling. Who does? We all just want to get wherever we’re going as easily as possible. To paint a picture of my upcoming ordeal, I have a one-hour drive to the airport, to which I need to arrive two hours before my flight leaves (since it’s the holidays and LAX is EXTRA crowded), then it takes up to six and half hours to fly to Boston, then I have a 90 minute bus ride followed by a 90 minute car ride until I actually get where I’m going. I travel alone, so I am constantly on my phone as a means of entertainment while traveling in and out of cellular service areas. It has happened to me once before where my phone died about two-thirds of the way through roughly 13 hours of total holiday travel time. Nothing to do but stare out the bus window into the darkness and listen to the man in the seat next to me snore for hours. Every minute felt like an eternity.

After that experience, I vowed to myself I would never let it happen again. That’s when I found all the great powerbanks that Scosche makes. My go-to is the MagicMount Powerbank. It can recharge my phone twice on one charge and it’s small enough to have in my pocket with my phone. It also eliminates the annoying cables from dangling everywhere while the phone charges. I can’t imagine traveling anywhere without it now.

Then there’s the big guns. Being a bit of a techy guy my phone isn’t the only device that travels with me. That’s where the GoBat 12000 comes into play. Packing 12000 mAh the GoBat 12000 can charge two devices at once so for me that means my tablet and camera can be charging at the same time. When you’re traveling for over half a day it’s important to have as many distractions as possible to pass the time.

Lastly, there is one more item that is a saving grace for me. I pretty much have headphones on from the time I get through security at the airport until I meet my parents for the last 90-minute leg of my journey. My SportFlex AIR headphones are amazing for this. They’re small and can fit in your pocket when you’re not using them. They sound great and, since they’re earbuds, once in your ear they do a really good job blocking out the sound of an airplane, bus ride, airport crowds, etc. BUT that isn’t the best part. Since they’re Bluetooth there are no dangling cords to have to wrangle all day long. How great is that?

I won’t travel anywhere without these items with me. Since they entered my life I have gone from dreading the “Low Battery” warning on my phone to using apps, watching movies, listening to music or whatever else I want to do with my phone with the piece of mind that I can keep it charged for however long my holiday travel takes.

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