MagicMount™ Pro Charge Bundle

Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount for Home/Office

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works with NEW iPhone 8  iPhone 8 Plus iPhone X

• Latest Qi 15W wireless charger
• Safely secure the mount to your office desk, kitchen table or other surfaces via the StickGrip suction base that ensures a strong hold on virtually any surface
• Protect your device with the built-in Foreign Object Detection feature
• Open design for full access to all controls and ports
• 4-Axis adjustable angle with lock-nut for secure positioning

Included: Magnetic wireless charger, MagicPlate non-magnetic metal plate w/3M adhesive, 5 foot A/C home/office power adapter

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please review the MagicPlate Template document in the Specifications Tab under Documentation.

Qi Charger

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Wireless Charger for phone 2 Pack
MagicMount™ Pro Charge Bundle

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    What is Qi (pronounced “chee”) wireless charging anyway?

    First off it’s the global standard for smartphone wireless charging. Wireless charging functionality is finding its way into millions of devices. Wireless charging uses electromagnetic fields to safely transfer power from a transmitting source (in this case the MagicMount Charge unit) to a receiving device (built into Qi-enabled smartphones or available as an add-on via battery covers receivers and more) for the purpose of wirelessly charging the device’s battery.

    Scosche has combined the latest Qi wireless charging technology with our #1 Mount Brand in the U.S. for the ultimate solution in hands-free magnetic mounting and wireless charging.

    MPQOHM – XTSP - Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount for Home/Office
    MPQHC-XTSP1 - Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount for Home/Office

    Qi logoQi Certified the symbol for Safe Reliable Wireless Charging!

    Wireless charging’s rapid ongoing growth has led to some poor-quality products being introduced that could be unsafe.

    Qi Certified products like all our Scosche’s wireless charging products for example have been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories to ensure their safety interoperability compatibility and energy efficiency. They can be truthfully be called “Qi Certified” and are designated as such by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

    Others may use terms like Qi compliant Qi compatible and Works with Qi but these terms are not the same as Qi Certified and products using such terms have not undergone Qi certification testing.

    Super-fast wireless charging without the charge & sync cable

    These wireless magnetic charging mounts deliver up to a blazing 15W** of charging power three times the charge power of most wireless charging products so your Qi-enabled devices get charged up fast.

    MPQOHM-XTSP MagicMount Charge magnets

    Powerful 100% Device-Safe Magnets Ensure a Strong Hold

    These wireless magnetic charging mounts not only charge your device fast they hold devices firmly using powerful rare-earth neodymium magnets.

    Works with a wide array of Qi-enabled devices from leading manufacturers

    If you have a Qi-enabled device MagicMount Charge works with it. From Qi-enabled smartphones from Samsung™ Google™ Microsoft™ LG™ HTC™ and Motorola™ Sony® and Blackberry® and now the new iPhone 8 8 Plus and X models as well to Qi-enabled cases receivers transmitters and battery covers.

    Qi-enabled manufacturers Samsung™  Google™  Microsoft™  LG™  HTC™ and Motorola™  Sony® and Blackberry®

    Key Features/Key Benefits

    Whether you’re looking for home/office wireless charging or on-the-go wireless charging Scosche has a product for you.

    And no matter what product you choose you’ll get these terrific features and benefits:

    • Products designed and backed by a multi-award-winning innovator of consumer technology products Scosche founded in 1980.
    • Up to 15W of wireless charging power.
    • The safe quick reliable proven mounting security of the #1 Mount Brand in the U.S.
    • The peace of mind of knowing you own a Qi Certified wireless charger ensuring its safety interoperability compatibility and energy efficiency.
    • An open design that ensures full access to all your device’s controls and ports.
    • Easy one-hand device use.
    • Advanced safety features like Foreign Object Detection which safeguards your device.
    • 4-axis adjustability with lock-nut positioning for virtually limitless device positioning.
    • A MagicPlate™ Placement Template for optimal non-magnetic metal plate placement to ensure maximum charging operational performance.
    • Important note: Remember to apply the plastic protective film FIRST if you plan to apply the MagicPlate directly to the back of your phone!

    MAGICPLATE™ Placement Options

    MAGICPLATE™, non-magnetic, adhesive-backed, metal plates, are an integral component of the MagicMount™ Magnetic Mount System for mobile devices. Just apply the MagicPlate as shown to the right and you are ready to use any one of the many MagicMount products available in this growing family of magnetic mounts. MagicPlates come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending upon which MagicMount you buy and replacement kits are also available.

    There are several ways to apply the MagicPlate to your device.

    • Directly to the back of the case
    • Directly to the mobile device
    • Between the device and case - either with or with out using the adhesive
    Scosche MagicMount MagicPlate placement options

    Instructions for applying the MagicPlate that came with your MAGICMOUNT™

    Wireless Charging Devices

    It is important to mount the MagicPlate in the proper location to avoid interfering with wireless charging functionality. We have created a MagicPlate Template Guide to assist wireless phone users who plan to use their device with our MagicMount Charge products or other Scosche wireless chargers.

    * The MagicMount is not recommend with use of a wallet case.

    plate placement diagrame

    Protect your device when directly applying MagicPlate to your device

    MagicMounts come with a protective plastic film ​sticker ​in the box. This film should ALWAYS be used when you are applying the MagicPlate directly to your mobile device using the adhesive​ based MagicPlate​. ​Doing this will aid in the ease of removal of the MagicPlate should you wish to do that in the future. We have created a short video to show you how to properly apply the plastic film followed by the MagicPlate.


    Scosche MagicMount MagicPlate placement options
    • 15W Charge Output 


    iPhone Xs
    iPhone Xs Max
    iPhone Xr
    iPhone X
    iPhone 8 Plus
    iPhone 8

    Smart Phone

    Galaxy S9/S9+
    Galaxy S8/S8+
    Galaxy S7/S7 Edge
    Galaxy S6/S6 Edge
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