Audio Cables & Adapters

Connect with all your audio devices using the Scosche range of audio cables and (wired and wireless) adapters.

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  1. White Earbuds
    Increased Dynamic Range Earbuds with Lightning™ Connector
  2. Headphone Adapter
    StrikeLine™ Adapter

    iPhone 7 and up Headphone Adapter with Charge Port

    As low as $39.99
  3. Audio Receiver
    BTFreq Clip
    Wireless Audio Receiver
  4. AUX and USB Ports for Aftermarket Stereos
    Mountable AUX A/V input and USB port
    USB & AUX-A/V Input Relocation Port w/White & Black Weatherproof Covers
  5. RCA Audio Video Cable for iPod and MP3
    RCA Audio Cable for iPod & MP3
  6. 3 foot 3.5mm headphone/AUX cable
    Auxiliary Audio Cable
  7. hookUP
    Auxiliary Audio Cable
  8. AUX to RCA Audio Cables
    Premium AUX to RCA Audio Cable
  9. Universal Cassette Adapter for Car Stereos
    Universal Cassette Adapter for Car Stereos