Smartphone Chargers and Backup Batteries

Charge your iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, other Android smartphones and tablets and other devices with Scosche’s wide range of high-quality, top-performing chargers. Count on super-fast charging at home or the office, in your car or outdoorswith our extensive selection of chargers and award-winning backup batteries available in traditional black or white, Realtree® editions and a variety of bright, fun colors.

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  1. charger for phones
    GoBat™ MS 5K
    MagSafe® Compatible Magnetic Wireless Charging Power Bank
    As low as $54.99
  2. PowerVolt All-Weather 18W USB Car Charger
    PowerVolt™ All-Weather
    18W USB Charger with Qualcomm® Quick Charge Technology
  3. Portable Power Bank
    Scosche PowerUp 32K
    Portable Power Station
  4. Black  Qi-enabled smartphone or Wireless Charging Pad
    BaseLynx™ Charging Pad
    Modular Qi Wireless Charging Pad
    Sale $29.99 Regular Price $49.99
  5. Black Apple Magnetic Watch Charger
    BaseLynx™ Watch
    Modular Magnetic Charger for Apple Watch®
    Sale $41.99 Regular Price $69.99
  6. Modular Wireless Charging Pad and Powered EndCap
    BaseLynx™ Charging Pad & Dual Port EndCap Bundle
    BaseLynx Pad+EndCap Kit
  7. 30w Mini Fast USB-C Car Charger
    PowerVolt™ PD30
    USB-C Power Delivery Mini Car Charger
  8. Charging Pad & Dual Port EndCap
    BaseLynx™ Charging Pad & Dual Port EndCap
    BaseLynx Pad+EndCap Kit
  9. Jump Starter
    Scosche PowerUp 400 Torch
    400 Amp Jump Starter / Power Bank / Flashlight
  10. Image of car charger
    PowerVolt™ PD20
    USB-C Fast Charger for Car
  11. Scosche PowerUp 600 Torch
    Scosche PowerUp 600 Torch
    600 Amp Jump Starter / Power Bank / Flashlight
  12. 0263CPDCC60-SP
    PowerVolt™ PD60
    Dual-Port USB-C® Car Charger