Qi Chargers and Qi Charging Docks

Qi (pronounced “chee”) is the wireless charging standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, that provides 5-15 watts of power to electronics – primarily smartphones – via inductive charging. All Scosche wireless chargers and charging mounts are Qi-certified, and feature fast charging, as well as advanced safety features such as Foreign Object Detection. Many newer smartphones and tablets are Qi-enabled which means you can wirelessly charge them at home, in your office, and even in your vehicle, without ever having to plug a cable into your device. Simply place your phone or tablet on a Qi-certified charger and charging begins.

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  1. White Modular Charging Kit
    BaseLynx™ Kit White
    Modular Charging System
  2. White Modular Charging Station Kit
    BaseLynx™ Kit Pro White
    Modular Charging Station Kit with EndCap Charger and 1ft. Charging Cables
  3. Qi Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount Vent
    MagicMount™ Charge3 Vent
    Qi Wireless Charging Magnetic Vent Mount
    Sale $39.99 Regular Price $79.99
  4. Qi Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount Window/Dash
    MagicMount™ Charge3 Window/Dash
    Qi Wireless Charging Magnetic Window/Dash Mount
    Sale $49.99 Regular Price $69.99
  5. Qi Charging Auto-Grip Double-Pivot Mount
    MagicGrip™ Double-Pivot Mount
    Auto-Grip Wireless Charging Double-Pivot Mount
  6. Qi Car Grip Window/Dash Mount
    MagicGrip™ Window/Dash Mount
    Auto-Grip Wireless Charging Window/Dash Mount
  7. image of phone mount with universal grip
    MagicGrip™ Vent Mount
    Auto-Grip Wireless Charging Vent Mount
  8. Dash/Window Mount Kit
    MagicMount™ MSC Window/Dash
    Window/Dash Mount Kit for MagSafe® Charger
  9. Qi Mount
    MagicMount™ Pro Charge
    Qi Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount Car Vent
    Sale $29.99 Regular Price $59.99
  10. Qi Charger
    MagicMount™ Charge
    Qi Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount Car Vent
    Sale $29.99 Regular Price $59.99
  11. Base3 3-In-1 Wireless Charging Dock
    Base3™ 3-In-1
    3-In-1 Wireless Charging Dock
    As low as $119.99
  12. universal phone mount
    StuckUp Vent/Dash
    Wireless Charging Universal Phone Mount