Welcome to Scosche® Garage, a very cool place to be! In this distinctive setting you'll discover an array of high-quality, superior-performing products designed and manufactured to enhance the utility, application and enjoyment of your garage environment; whether it be residential or commercial, whether you use it for DIY projects, hobbies, vehicle maintenance and modification, as your gym, as an entertainment space or other uses. Scosche Garage - Create, Work, Play!


Garage Accessories
Professional garages require products built to withstand the rigors of and to enhance the utility of locations built for work; places where equipment, tools, chemicals and more create a setting constructed for the engineering, building, repairing, and customizing vehicles and craft of all types. Scosche Garage is the place to find a diverse array of rugged, high-performance, tech product that support the work and those doing it.


Garage Tech
Diversity of purpose is the hallmark of the residential garage space. It can play numerous roles in the typical home environment. For some, it's strictly a storage place for vehicles, equipment and boxes. For other, it's a workshop for DIY project. Others see it as an entertainment or exercise space. No matter how you use your garage, Scosche Garage delivers tech products designed to make the garage environment a lot more functional, productive and fun!