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The HD Speakers by Scosche have been designed to maximize the listening experience of your car audio entertainment system. MP3's and satellite/HD radios provide the benefit of a clean signal which is lost with most factory speakers. HD audio takes digital sound to the next level. 3 way triaxial design provides powerful bass, smooth mids and brilliant highs. Enjoy your audio the way it should be...in HD.

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HD Speakers | Speakers for Cars | 6.5" - 6.75" Set Speakers

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Reviews (8)
  1. Replaced blown-out factory speakers

    I bought a pair of these to replace the front door speakers in my Escort. For the price I was extremely impressed. They have great bass extension, tho I'm sure the door panel acting as a radiator helps LOL and treble is clean and clear. I am about to pick up the 5" x 7"/6" x 8" for the rear. I'm expecting great sound in the whole car now!

    By mescko, on 4/24/2018
  2. Factory Replacements

    I bought 4 of these 6.75" speakers to replace the factory sets in my 2008 Saturn Vue. They didn't bolt right up as they were smaller than the factory openings in my doors, but I did get them installed sufficiently. Still using the factory Deck (specs unknown) to push the new speakers gives me mixed results. I'm certain that my factory Deck isn't pushing many watts/channel and its impedance rating isn't the same as the speakers so they aren't being run near capacity. But even being under powered, they have crisp/clear HD quality hi-end sound and are unbelievably low priced. Love em!

    By Joey, on 2/22/2018
  3. Excellent Speakers

    I purchased 4 of these speakers to replace the factory sets used in my 2008 Saturn Vue. Installing them was a challenge as the new speakers were slightly smaller than the factory opening and the anchor points didn't line up with the anchor points on the speaker. Still using the factory Deck (rating unknown) the new speakers

    By Joey, on 2/22/2018
  4. 2006 Toyota Tundra

    Put these in front and rear doors. The extension mounting holes line up perfectly with factory speaker housing at 6 3/4". These are a great improvement over the stock speakers at a great price!

    By Johnny, on 10/19/2017
  5. liberty 2002

    the sound is incredible and perfect fits

    By Manuel Meneses, on 4/12/2015
  6. replaced stock speakers

    OMG I put these in my 98 4runner and for 29 bucks at Walmart they make my license plate rattle and I'm not kidding u tune the bass right they will hit hard! Good job

    By court, on 1/10/2015
  7. excellent quality

    Plenty of bang for a great price

    By Tim B , on 9/15/2014
  8. 07 Silverado

    Put these in my Silverado have to drill new holes to get them to mount. I would use a aftermarket radio to power these the factory unit does ok but sounds under powered. They sound alot better than the factory junk GM puts in their vehicles!

    By Jeremy, on 5/9/2013

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