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Train Smart, Get Fit.
The Scosche RHYTHM+™ is the best heart rate monitor. It is an all new workout tool for managing heart rate, calories burned, distance, pace and more. Accurately monitor your intensity level.

Precision Biometrics.
RHYTHM+™ heart rate monitor is a direct chest strap replacement and easily attaches to your forearm for full wireless communication with your device. This app powered heart rate monitor uses an App to manage your workout metrics.  Use your favorite fitness app on your smartphone or tablet to monitor your heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed, pace and ...Read More

Best Heart Rate Monitor | Rhythm Plus

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Reviews (11)
  1. very helpful

    I'm in the UK, over 70 and had a heart bypass operation in 87 moths ago. I bought the device a month ago to help monitor my rehabilitation exercise ( it very successfully does so!) I am very pleased with it. It knocked other devices (wrist and chest - many tried and returned as unsatisfactory) , often used in this country, into the bin! I recently needed some help and the manufacturers were very, very helpful. I can only recommend this device very highly on all fronts.

    By david, on 8/24/2016
  2. Love it!!

    Great product! I was a bit nervous buying it, but no regrets after using it. I use motofit for live data from HR tracker, which writes data onto Apple health. I love it!

    By TC, on 4/24/2016
  3. Easy does it

    Bought this HRM by recommendation of my colleague, and happy that I did. Super easy linking to my iPhone's apps like Strava and Runkeeper. A couple of weeks ago I bought the Garmin Edge 810 for my bikes (MTB and Race), and together with this device my workout is perfect.
    The Rhythm+ has one button and one little light, that's it. The fit and feel is superb.
    I was looking for an HRM without the chest strap. I wear it at the wrist.

    By Jan Morren, on 4/22/2016
  4. Good Enough!

    Bought Scosche Rythm+ last September 2015, and has been using it on all of my runs. Have used it during my first month, alongside with my chest-strap HR monitor, to have a meaningful comparison before it fully become my regular HR monitor. HR readings throughout my runs are close (if not same) to the chest-strap HR reading. Average HR for each runs would always be same with my Garmin chest-strap HR's average. Occasionally, I would still use my chest-straps on my runs for random comparison with Scosche HR and everytime both their readings would come out close or same every point in time during the run.

    If you are training based on heart rate zones to make sure you are training at aerobic pace (burn nasty fats) or if you follow training plans using heart rate zone, this is a good tool - an alternative to chest strap HR - if you hate suffocating devices on your chest.

    By Nestor, on 1/26/2016
  5. Picks up Cadence at Beginning of Run

    I love this heart rate monitor, it's comfortable, keeps a good connection, and is convenient. An issue I've had with it pretty consistently, though, is during the first 5 minutes or so of a run, it will transmit my cadence instead of my heart rate. So while I'm still warming up, it will show a heart rate of ~180bpm, as opposed to the ~110 where my heart rate actually is. After that 5-ish minute "settling in" period, the monitor will drop back down into reality and be accurate for the rest of the run.

    This issue doesn't happen on every run, but I would say it happens on 2/3 of my runs, especially in colder weather.

    It's truly unfortunate, because one of the reasons I went for optical was to get an accurate reading at the beginning of my workouts, something that chest starts are notoriously bad with.

    By Justin, on 12/10/2015
  6. Comfortable and functional

    Comfortable to wear, Bluetooth works flawlessly.

    By ariz, on 12/8/2015
  7. Absolutely Awesome!

    I've had the Rhythm+ for 8 weeks and I cannot speak more highly of it. Like Bruce, I use Sports-Tracker too. The armstrap is soft and you don't notice it is there during a workout.

    Best fitness product for under $100 AUD!

    By GemimaFitzTed, on 12/8/2015
  8. Excellent Heart Rate Monitor

    Recently I was in the hospital with lung issues that strained my heart as well. Once I got out of the hospital, I was told I could exercise but to keep my heart-rate at or below 100 bpm. So I pulled out my old chest-strap and wrist watch type monitor and then remembered why I didn’t use it anymore. I hated the chest-strap, the batteries were always needing to be replaced, it restrained my breathing and the strap was so stretched out it is unusable. So I began looking for one of the newer wrist type monitor that would work with my phone, the first ones I spotted were $150.00-$200.00! I wanted a heart rate monitor, I don’t want to buy the company.

    That’s when I ran across the Scosche “Rhythm+” heart rate monitor. It was more in my price range, works with all the smartphones and is compatible with a ton of Apps. After getting it, I selected the Sports Tracker App that tracks walking, running, cycling and many more activities that I’ll get back to doing once I’m 100%.

    So, for the last month while I’ve been recuperating I’ve used my new Rhythm+ heart rate monitor to track my workouts (walking and very light cycling) and am very satisfied with this product. The Bluetooth pairing with my smartphone was quick and easy, and it connected seamlessly to the App I selected. The charger is small and easy to use, multiple straps were included which was good, since my arm needed the larger strap and the instructions were easy to follow.

    Thanks Scosche, this is the heart rate monitor I needed!

    By Bruce, on 10/5/2015
  9. love it

    set up is a little confusing, but much more comfortable than a cheststrap , and much more accurate than the mio link. i recommend to all

    By Josh, on 3/23/2015
  10. reliable, accurate and long battery life

    I bought this on amazon for a 2 day 140mile long BikeMS: Jack and Back ride and this thing worked great out of the box. The battery lasted for 7hrs on continuous use. I used it on 3 apps simultaneously (endomondo, strava and digit) and the strap is very soft so I didn't even feel the band was on my arm. I can't comment on range as my phone was always close to the band but on rest stops it would automatically reconnect when I got back to my bike. I would say that to use the monitor on multiple app at the same time, you have to close any other app (double click home button and then swipe the app) that the monitor has been configured to work with before connecting to a new app. Once connected you can use with all the apps it has been connected to simultaneously.

    By Prash, on 10/7/2014

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