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The stuckUP™ conveniently allows you to mount your iPhone, smartphone, GPS and more to your window, dash, vent or console.

Vent Clip
Vent clips safely secure your device to air conditioning vents

1.5" - 4"
Clamping arms open to 4" wide to fit larger devices

Suction Cup
Integrated suction cup easily attaches to any windshield

Mounting Disk
Includes mounting disk with 3M™ adhesive for console and dash mounting options

360 degree swivel
Integrated swivel allows for vertical and horizontal viewing angles

Quick Release
Push button release allows for easy access to your device



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Universal Phone and GPS Car Mount

California Prop 65 WARNING
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Reviews (6)
  1. BEST quality as well as customer service!

    I got this so I could use my phone as a GPS, and have been totally satisfied by it's quality and performance for more than 3 years. One of my kids took it out of my car and lost one of the vent clips. I called the 800 number to see if I could purchase replacement clips, and they are sending me a couple of sets for FREE! When a company treats it's customers this well, I will be a loyal customer for life! Thanks for being awesome Scosche!

    By Jennifer, on 4/21/2018
  2. THE Only Mount

    THE ONLY MOUNT TO BUY! I've used many types of mount but they don't last long and usually the device come loose and falls off. That's how my iPhone 7 Plus face had a hair line cracked and chip on its edge. Magnets mount looses it bonding adhesiveness in time and falls off or if mounted inside a case protector it looses its magnetic strength and the device slides off its mount.
    The Scosche IUHW9R mount is so versatile it will fit almost any device securely and won't come off by even severe vibrations. No adjustment or modification needed. It is all there.

    By Billy T, on 5/1/2017
  3. john j.

    I am very impressed by the quality of this IPhone holder it holds my IPhone 6 plus firmly in place even with my Otter Defender bulky case still on it...which made me very happy. I can also plug in my Scoshe fm reciever and a charger while in the holder and charge my IPhone while listening to my IPhone playlists while driving anywhere, and the ability to turn my IPhone with the 360 swivel and putting my IPhone in gps mode anf rotate my IPhone is very pleasing to me. I whole heartedly recommend this product to any one who owns an IPhone 6 plus.

    By john , on 12/6/2015
  4. Best Phone Mount Ever!

    I purchased a different brand from Target that was pure garbage.

    I mount mine on my windshield and like to do timelapses. The other brand I bought from Target would shake really bad. The suction cup on it sucked. The holster part wouldn't clip tight on my iPhone 6 Plus, and would always come undone. It fell from my windshield several times. So, I returned it.

    On my way home, I stopped at WalMart and bought this Scosche brand StuckUP one and, as soon as I opened the packaging, I was instantly, pleasantly surprised at the build quality of the mount. The suction cup is higher quality, the part that pulls it tight against the windshield is way, way better than the other brand, the pole that the clip part hangs on (the clip is what I call the part that holds the phone) was so much more sturdy. The mount doesn't shake at all when mounted on the windshield holding an iPhone 6 Plus, even with my heavy case on it. The clip secures very firmly on my phone and stays firm the entire time. Then, the vent clip and the dash mount disc that came with this one are amazing build quality too. I use the disc part in my cupholder, and mount the suction cup to it so that I can have my phone at the end of my fingertips while keeping my arm on the center console armrest.

    Ultimately, this is THE BEST phone mount I've yet to find. I'd give this mount 100 stars if they'd let me!


    By Russell, on 8/16/2015
  5. Excellent Mount

    clips to vent easily, holding an iPhone 6 Plus with ease and can move from car to car if need be. Perfect hands free mount! Can fit a number of products, you will be very happy with this product.

    By Joe, on 3/8/2015
  6. great mount

    I have bought two of these mounts. One was lost in a vehicle fire but I still have the other. Holds my phone or iPod without any problems. Was in a car accident and everything flew around my car including my Bluetooth but the suction cup stayed tight to my window with the phone still in place and I was able to quickly call for help. Also it is great for traveling with the 360 swivel I can easily put my phone in gps mode and rotate the mount.

    By Edward, on 3/18/2014

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