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Part Number: RTHM1.9
9 Review(s)

Train Smart, Get Fit.

Precision Biometrics.

Rhythm+™ works with most popular health and fitness apps, including:

• DigiFit
• Runkeeper
• MapMyFitness
• Strava
• and more

Rhythm+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor

California Prop 65 WARNING
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Reviews (9)
  1. Beats chest straps every day of wk - 2X on Sunday

    After 4 sweaty chest straps that never stayed hooked up, and buying a new Garmin, I bought this out of desperation over a year ago now. It has literally NEVER, EVER failed. Not even once. It's MASSIVELY more comfortable than any chest strap, doesn't restrict your breathing, and will simultaneously feed ANT+ and BlueTooth data (or either one alone) to a device/devices.

    Best cycling purchase since buying my first Garmin cycling computer in 2009.

    By Long Rider, on 7/8/2019
  2. heart rate

    I have an older model of this watch I used for a few years and I lost the charger I decided to buy a new one and try another brand It did not work at all I returned it and repaced it with this model. I've used it a few times now and it works very well I do get some dropouts but so far they are insignificant. I would recommend this product highly

    By Sandy, on 6/24/2019
  3. I love my Rhythm+

    I love my Rhythm+. It is one of the best fitness purchases I have made. There are a few times when it doesn't sync right with my phone, but those aren't very often. I have never liked the chest bands, but this just works great, being on my forearm. I have had this for several years, but when it is time to replace it, I will get another Rhythm+!

    By Jeremiah, on 6/17/2019

    Using my RHYTHM+ 1.9 on iPhone X. Purchased from Orange Theory Fitness (OTF).
    I also use my Apple Watch Series 3, as it tells time & displays messages, etc.. The RHYTHM+ is definitely more accurate than my Apple Watch. I place it on my inner bicep & pretty much forget I even have it on.
    It is compatible with the Rhythm Sync App though it does not provide some of the features that the RHYTHM 24 provide in the app. The Rhythm Sync App does provide battery life, heart rate, & heart level for fitness help for the 1.9, so I do favor using that app. I would like to see the Rhythm Sync App become compatible with the Apple Watch so that I can pause/resume workouts from my wrist instead of taking out my phone to pause/resume. Very satisfied w/ my purchase. I also may consider getting the RHYTHM 24. It has a 24 hour battery life compared to the 1.9's 8 hour battery life.

    By JONATHAN, on 7/5/2018
  5. Reliable!!

    I have had a number of HRMs since the late 1980's, most with the chest-strap sensor (which does not bother me). I have had my first Rhythm+ for over a year now. This device is by far the most reliable, I have purchased two; home and travel. If I compare heart rate beat counts to my two Suunto HMRs (at the same time), the Rhythm= is always within +/- 5 beats if not right on. It"s rugged no worries about scratching the face and you can place in out of the way locations like your forearm or leg calf. Having a SUPER experience using the the Rhythm+ with an I-phone 6 and Endomondo (Under Armour) app

    By Docdirt, on 8/11/2017
  6. Excellent accurate heart rate monitor

    This is a comfortable accurate heart rate monitor. I've had chest straps (uncomfortable, bulky and inconvenient to put on or carry if not in use) and even in ear monitors (inaccurate, expensive , difficult to fit). This one's the best!
    The firmware is upgradable via the scosche iOS app. I have upgraded my firmware twice since buying this device. That app also displays battery charge percentage, and can teach your rhythm to change led blink colors based on a couple of heart rate zones. But the app is not really user friendly, more for updating firmware and viewing battery status.
    As others reported it works great with an iPhone and the built in health kit or any smart phone health app.
    I've used it for many many runs and bike rides and it just works flawlessly 98% of the time. Only one memorable data drop out that I think was caused by some radio interference. Nice + that it works with ant too in case you have or get an ant watch, etc.

    By Joe P, on 6/17/2017
  7. Great Heart Monitor!

    I've had the device since June. It works great. I would recommend it to anyone who does DDP Yoga. It is very comfortable. The band works well with heavy sweating. I use it with a IPhone 6 and IPad Air II using the ICardio App. It also connects to the DDP Yoga App.

    It is light weight and very easy to use. I bought my wife one also and she loves it. Great product!! Thank you.

    By Frank, on 10/18/2016
  8. First Impressions

    Just received the Rhythm+ a couple of days ago. I'm using it with an iPhone 6 Plus using the Bluetooth wireless connection (not ANT). On my first bicycle ride, after some stumbling to switch my iSmoothRun app from another HRM to the Rhythm+ all worked well. After 1 mile the Rhythm+ stopped updating. I didn't notice until a mile or 2 later and at that point I didn't want to stop my ride to try to figure out what was wrong. After another couple of miles (4 miles total loss of data) I stopped and tried to figure out what was wrong. The Rhythm was still blinking the normal blue light. The phone still showed it as connected via bluetooth. But my heart rate was frozen at 146 BPM. I had to shut off the Rhythm+, shut off the bluetooth radio on the phone and then turn everything back on again and re-pair the Rhythm+ to get it working properly again. After that it worked fine for the remainder of the ride, about 10 more miles. I used it again for a run yesterday and did not have any problems. I can only hope that it doesn't happen again but it wasn't a good first impression. Since there's no way to upgrade the firmware I can't expect a bug fix. I have to wonder if it works more flawlessly using the Ant radio.
    I also slept with it turned on and connected to my phone's built in HealthKit app and it worked flawlessly all night (almost 7 hours).
    Cons -
    relatively short battery life of 7 hours per 2 hour charge. Not capable of all day use or sleep monitoring more than 7 hours.
    no battery status indicator available to show remaining charge.
    no indication when it loses working bluetooth connection, or maybe it's just buggy.
    Does not automatically re-establish a bluetooth connection once it's lost.
    I'm concerned that the wet from sweat velcro on the strap will wear out quickly but only time will tell. No quick release connector. Maybe it would add too much weight or cost.
    Pros -
    Great armband form factor is really what sets this unit apart from others. It's comfortable and can be very stealthy if worn high enough to hide behind sleeve or like a watch.
    Works with Apple iOS HealthKit without requiring any other app.
    Works with any health app that is compatible with bluetooth low energy heart rate monitors.

    By Joe, on 6/2/2016
  9. great for women

    First, this device works great, beat to beat. It is also way more comfortable. As a woman, I find it difficult and uncomfortable using a chest strap, which drops beats, migrates down or needs to be uncomfortably tight and restrictive to avoid this. I don't even NOTICE the arm band, and it works better, too!

    By Jennifer, on 5/17/2016

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