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This heart rate monitor armband has been hailed as the best heart rate monitor available today. This revolutionary exercise and fitness tool accurately monitors heart rate allowing you to maximize your workouts.

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Reviews (12)
  1. Excellent kit and swim compatible

    I bought this to replace my various chest straps. It has been excellent, very accurate and extremely comfortable. I was also pleasently surprised to find out how good it was for swimming if worn on the forearm of your watch arm. The only disappointment is the lack of software for Android. Scosche have an app for Apple but none for the numerous Android owners. It would be nice to be able to do a firmware update our check the battery level easily. Apart from that, great.

    By KC57, on 6/8/2018
  2. Best HR Monitor

    I've been using mine for almost 3 years now. It's always worked without fail. Pairs nicely to my Garmin Fenix 3 watch, and it's incredibly accurate. I run, work out and play tennis every week. I use it for everything I do to accurately track the calories I burn. I don't do any activity without it; music, headphones, HR strap. The only minor negative thing I'll say is that when you use it 5-6 times a week like I do, you go through the straps after awhile. The velcro wears out on the straps over time, so you have to buy replacements. I've gone through two straps in the last three years, so it's not that big of a deal. Hopefully, Scosche comes out with a non-velcro strap at some point.

    By Kobi, on 3/8/2018
  3. Great Product.

    Received my heart rate monitor as a Christmas gift. I've used it twice and I love it so far. It synced right up to Endomondo as soon as I told Endomondo to search. Much better than wearing a chest monitor.

    By SNN, on 12/30/2017
  4. Awesome

    This product rocks

    By Jimmy, on 9/11/2017
  5. Rhythm +

    OMG, Scosche you guys nailed it!!!!!!!!! This heart rate monitor was very well thought out. Every detail was looked at in its creation and refinement. Hands down the finest HR monitor I've ever used. If you are considering this monitor, don't hesitate! This is rock solid in every way. BTW, I like NEVER write reviews...this thing is awesome!!!!

    By BK, on 9/8/2017
  6. Best Heart Rate Monitor for Women

    I have been an avid runner for decades and I always hated the chest strap. Wrist monitors are just not accurate. The Rythm+ is the best solution. No chest strap and it is very accurate. Great work Scosche.

    By Mindy, on 8/16/2017
  7. Works great.

    I have heart desease so chest straps do not work for me. Had the Garmin Vivoactive but sometimes it wasnt accurate. This one has worked great for over 6 months. Very accurate.
    Only negatives are the strap needs replaced after 6 months and the battery only lasts about 4 hours so I have to charge after every bike ride. Not sure if 4 hours is the norm.

    By Michael, on 8/7/2017
  8. Accurate heart reading

    Super Accurate I'm a very happy customer, it is very helpful to be able to see your actual heart rate while working out.

    By Martinezphoto, on 8/1/2017
  9. Everything I hoped for

    I could not get chest HRM straps to work for me - Polar or Garmin. Especially when it was cold, windy or I was cycling. I think it's because I'm thin and don't have a lot of fat to hold it in place and I don't sweat much. The wrist activity trackers (at least the 4 different Garmin I tried) often get confused and have the HR signal off by as much as 20-30 BPMs.

    But this little Scosche tracks perfectly for me: at the gym, running or cycling. I give it A+ for comfort and A+ for accuracy.

    By Dan, on 5/31/2017
  10. Very Happy Customer

    Received my Rhythm+ 2 weeks ago and love it. It is much more comfortable and convenient than wearing the old chest strap. I'm in cardiac rehab and wanted something to monitor my heart rate while walking; wanting to keep my heart rate in the fitness zone. I took the Rhythm+ with me to rehab the first time I wore it to compare it with the heart rate monitoring at rehab...they were identical. Keep in mind, you will have to adjust the location until you determine the best reading spot, but once you locate it, it is spot on.

    Ordered my Rhythm+ direct from the Scosche website and took the offered free overnight delivery; 24 hours later, almost to the minute, the FedEx truck pulled up out front with my watch. Now, that's customer service.

    As my health improves, Rhythm+ plus will right there on my arm monitoring the improvement.

    Thanks, Scosche!!!!

    By NFL Mark, on 2/21/2017

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