StrikeDrive™ Converter

StrikeDrive™ Converter

Part Number: USBCAi
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Use your existing iPhone Charge & Sync cable to provide a clear and crisp audio signal. This multi-purpose iPhone 7 car charger converts the Audio from the iPhone’s Lightning connection and passes audio through the auxiliary 3.5mm cable to your radio’s aux input.

iPhone 7 Car Charger

California Prop 65 WARNING
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Reviews (4)
  1. Exactly what I was looking for

    I have had this problem ever since I bought iPhone 7 where I could either charge or listen to music in my car. I could not do both together, which is a hassle when using navigation as navigation drains battery a lot. This product solved my problem and I have to deal with only one cable. The product works well and charges every time I plug-in unlike other cheaper products. There is no static or any other interference noise in the music/sound playback. Very happy with the purchase. It is defientely worth paying the little premium Scosche charges for this product. I recommend this for all those with cars that do not have a built in USB port for both cahrging and audio input.

    By GK, on 12/12/2017
  2. Perfect

    I was waiting for this thing to be released for a long time. And boy was it worth the wait. All other devices I've purchased before this released, were pretty garbage. This strike drive converter, though, only suffers like a 3% sound quality loss when compared to the dongle that comes with the iPhone. I've been using this device since day 1 that you could order it, and it has been the best investment for iPhone 7. It charges fast, and produces better quality than bluetooth. 100% must purchase if you spend more than 10 minutes per day in your car.

    By Alex, on 9/16/2017
  3. Excellent product for iPhone 7plus, NO ignition noise in audio!!!!

    Was looking for a 12-volt outlet charger with an 1/8 inch audio line out for my new iPhone 7 plus. My old Monster worked but would always stop charging at a certain point due to the fact that it wasn't an approved Apple accessory plus I had to use a 30-pin to Lightning adapter. This new Scosche charger/adapter is absolutely excellent...all you need is a standard Lightning-to-USB charging cable. Totally Apple-certified and absolutely NO ignition/background noise...the 1/8 inch audio output (cable supplied) plugs right into the aux audio input on my old Honda Element...nice job Scosche!

    By rjlohr, on 7/28/2017
  4. Excellent Solution

    Finally! An apple certified (works w/ iOS 10.3) solution to charging and audio for the iPhone 7. Easy to install, works perfectly, great sound. And, as a bonus, we discovered that it also works with my wife's iPhone 6, so we don't have to shuffle the aux cable around between phones based on who's running the music. Just plug in the lightning cable and go. After months of fighting with various solutions (bluetooth, non MFi devices from Amazon, etc.) Scosche has a winner...and for much less that Belkin's adapter to adapter to phone solution.

    By Rick, on 5/23/2017

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