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Part Number: HUD2
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• Displays Speed in MPH(or Km/h), Engine RPMs and Status Indicators
• Multi-color 3.0" High Bright LED Display
• Auto Adjusts Brightness for Day/Night Driving
• User Programmable Alerts for Speed, Temperature, and Voltage
• Works on most 2001 or Newer Vehicles

*OBDII Interface Required

Car Heads Up Display

California Prop 65 WARNING
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Reviews (2)
  1. HUD2

    I installed it easily. I had to adjust the speedometer and tachometer ratios and it works marvelously!

    By johncarterofmars, on 5/10/2018
  2. Works but...

    Bought this at a national retailer. I was skeptical about this, I bought a much more fully featured model from an Internet source that worked initially but had to be calibrated, THAthat didn't make sense as the ODB2 computer reported speed and other data to the vehicle's speedometer, the unit had instructions translated from Chinese, it was impossible to understand.
    This unit has easy to understand instructions, requires no calibration, it's just plug and play. I have not noticed the display self adjusting for lighting conditions, it's always bright, not so bad if you have it show as low as possible on your windshield, I haven't tried a high location, I think the brightness at night time might be too much that close to your face. It reads faster than the car's speedometer, the error increasing as speed increases. The speedo on the car indicates 60 mph the HUD shows 64 +/-. The error is less as you decrease vehicle speed. Most speedometers have an accuracy of +/- 5 mph, I just have to learn which one to trust the most. I bought this because the dash lighting (LEDs) no longer wok on my 2007 Chrysler Sebring, the fix is a new (or reconditioned) instrument cluster. The local dealer wants $1600.00 for the job, that's crazy! Unless the projector is close to you switching between information displays as you operate the vehicle will be difficult and probably dangerous. I would buy it again! The wife has a smart phone that may be comparable with the other HUD they offer, I will be looking into this as the navigation can be displayed on the windshield as well!

    By Dna9656, on 11/17/2017

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