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MagicMount™ Pro Charge

MagicMount™ Pro Charge

Part Number: MPQ2WD
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• Up to 10W of Qi Certified wireless charging power
• Apple and Samsung Fast Charge Compatible
• Foreign object detection
• StickGrip suction base provides a strong hold to your car's window or dash
• StickGrip suction base provides a strong hold to your car's window or dash
• Low-profile adhesive base provides a secure hold to your car's dash
• Adjustable angle with lock-nut for secure positioning
• Powerful neodymium rare-earth magnets are 100% device safe

Included: 12v vehicle power adapter, additional adhesive dash mount, and MagicPlate non-magnetic metal plate with adhesive

Qi Dash Window Mount

California Prop 65 WARNING
Limited Lifetime WarrantyFree Domestic ShippingLifetime Technical SupportMoney Back Guarantee - 60-Day No Hassle Returns
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Reviews (5)
  1. Great phone mount and charger!

    I've had a Scosche Magic Mount the few years, but upgraded my phone recently to a iPhone XS Max and needed a new mount that would charge my phone also. So I ordered the MagicMount Pro Charge, and I totally love it!! I was even able to use part of my old mount, so now it can be installed into 2 of my cars, by just exchanging the charging mount!!

    By mightyd63, on 6/1/2019
  2. Installs clean, works great across two vehicles

    I researched Qi car chargers for hours, after seeing the ones that auto-clamp to your phone on Facebook ads. I wanted a system I could mount in two vehicles and standardize to one Qi mount system.

    The MagicMount works brilliantly through my Apple leather case on my iPhone X. I love not having adjustable side clamps to contend with - the phone simply latches to the charger with magnets placed on the case (or alternatively, on the back of the phone itself).

    Scosche also includes little stick-on cable organizers, so I could make a nice clean install with no wire dangling in front of my car stereo or GPS system. Very professional.

    I can't say enough good things about this MagicMount Pro - will get one for my office desk next.

    By GilWave, on 1/21/2019
  3. Much Better Than 1st Gen Design

    Big improvement over the first gen design. The old one was a very tight fit when I tried to mount my phone to the windshield and it only had magnets on the bottom of the mount which caused my phone to fly off anytime I would hit potholes or make sharp turns. It was a good idea but poorly executed. I was ready to write Scosche completely off but I saw that they had come out with a second gen version so I decided to give them one more chance. I'm very glad I did because this new model has solved both of those issues and I am extremely happy with it so far. My iPhone X fits the mount perfectly on my windshield now and it feels much more securely attached. I had a small issue at first, the sticky base would start to come undone off my windshield due to the weight of the phone but I think it's just because the surface wasn't completely dry. It stopped happening after I wiped the surface down, remounted it and let it sit without the weight of my phone on it for a few hours. Should anything change I will update this review but for now I am very pleased.

    By Andy, on 11/7/2018
  4. Not Perfect but works good.

    I purchased this because of the video that showed someone in a jeep using this with a case on the phone. I was not planning on putting the metal tabs on the outside of the phone for two reasons. I don't like the look of the tabs, and I was unable to get it to adhere to my case (it has rubber ridges throughout the back of the case). So I decided to mount it inside the case facing the phone. It was able to magnetize and attract to the charger base but even with a normal sized case, it was a somewhat weak connection. I looked closed after I watched the video again and saw that there was a case optimized to be used with Magic Mount systems. I ended up getting that case and it works much better. I am not worried about the phone flying off the charger when I hit a bump or on sharp turns. I am not super satisfied with the magnet connection, even with the case, but it works and I am comfortable with it now. I would purchase again if I needed to.

    By MSG, on 10/3/2018
  5. Works perfectly with iPhone XS Max through the Apple silicone case

    We are a long time fan of Scosche’s Magic Mounts, and these new Qi charger mounts are excellent. You need to use the included iPhone 8 Plus template to mount two small metal plates to the back of your iPhone XS Max. These were sufficient even underneath the Apple silicone case to securely hold the phone to the charger (the included small plates are a little thicker than prior Magic Mount small plates, enabling added magnetic attraction). Scosche has thoughtfully included external mounting plates and a special kit for certain Android phones with the camera in the middle of the back of the phone. Anyone complaining that the “magnets are too weak” have likely mounted their magnets wrong—you need to use BOTH of the magnets with the NEW included thicker mounting plates for Qi phones, and be sure to use the included template for Android and various iPhones to position them correctly.

    We love that this charger can charge at the fastest 10w (2.0 amp) Qi rate as well. You can also improve the aesthetics of this charger by ordering a braided micro USB cable in the exact length you need for your vehicle—we ended up using an 8” braided nylon cable and it looks great. The sticky mount tape also holds tightly to our Land Rover’s plastic dash—it’s not that stuff from years ago that comes unstuck, as far as I can tell. Check out the photos I’ve attached to this review.

    By Grant, on 9/24/2018

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