StrikeDrive™ USB-C

Car Charger for USB-C Devices
Part Number CC27

Providing both a 15W USB-C charging cable and a 12W USB, the StrikeDrive USB-C Car Charger is the most convenient charger available.

USB-C Car Charger

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CC27 L1 NEXUS 487

15W USB-C Rapid Charge

This USB-C Car Charger is the most convenitent USB-C charger available. Providing a whopping 15W it gives you the fastest charging speed possible even on larger devices such at the Google Pixel C Tablet. Optimized charging circuitry will not cause any harm to less powerful devices.

CC27 487

Smallest Most Powerful Car Charger

The extra 12 Watt USB port gives you the fastest charging speed possible. The latest iPads have been designed to charge at 12 Watts making the StrikeDrive™ the ideal charger for these devices. Just like the USB-C charging portion of the this charger the StrikeDrive optimized charging circuitry will not cause any harm to less powerful devices - iPhones and iPods will also charge at the fastest speeds possible.

typeC layout reversible

Reversible Connector

This USB-C cable allows users to conveniently and easily charge & sync all USB-C devices such as smartphones hard drives and laptops by inserting the connector either side up. The new symmetrical connector will eliminate the hassle of worrying about finding the correct side of the USB-C connector.

  • 15W USB-C
  • 12W USB Port
  • 1-3ft. Expandable Coiled Cable
  • Reversible USB-C Connector 

Smart Phone

Galaxy Note 10/10+
Galaxy S10/S10+
Galaxy S9/S9+
Galaxy S8/S8+
Galaxy Note 9
V40 ThinQ
Moto Z
And most Android Smartphones with USB-C ports


iPad Pro - 3rd gen


Galaxy Tab S3
Pixel Slate
Pixel C
And most Android Devices with USB-C ports