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  • Built-in accelerometer/motion sensor
  • Pair up to 10 dice to one device with Bluetooth Smart technology
  • Replaceable coin cell battery lasts up to one year (with normal use)
  • Durable TPU rubber exterior is safe on screens and built to last
  • Shake to wake function conserves battery life
  • Evenly balanced for truly random results
  • Back lit LEDs flash when dice are in motion
  • Includes three games (Trivia, Craps and Music Challenge)

developers wanted

Our SDK package includes everything you need to build great games:  Developer Program Benefits:
  • 2 fully functional demo dice
  • Gain exposure through our retail resources
  • Access to comprehensive documentation and resources
  • Develop gaming content for a new innovative product
  • Exclusive access to the Scosche smartROLL R&D team
  • Have your game featured on final packaging