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Power Delivery

NEW Apple Accessories

We've already got everything you need for your new Apple device

The latest Apple announcements means big changes to the accessories you'll need for your new iPhone, including Power Delivery chargers, Qi-Certified wireless chargers for the new iPhones as well as multi‑generational Apple compatible  accessories.


iPhone XR


iPhone XS

iPhoneXs Max

iPhone XS Max

Apple Device Charging Options

With the right accessories, charging your Apple products is faster and more convenient than ever before.

  • Apple has introduced USB‑C PD ↔ Lightning® chargers and cables, which can charge your iPhone up to three times faster!
  • Wireless chargers now add speed, as well as convenience, for Qi-enabled iPhones.

USB‑C 3.0

USB‑C accessories work with the latest MacBook models as well as many newer Android devices.


USB‑C plug is reversible. There is no “upside down” or “wrong way” to plug in.


Power can flow in both directions so you can charge your phone from a friend’s phone.


It can transmit up to 10 Gbps (Gbps = billions of bits per second) of data.


It’s advanced chipset “talks” with your device to deliver the fastest, safest charge your phone can handle.

USB‑C With Power Delivery (PD)

All Power Delivery is delivered through a Type‑C connector. But, not all Type‑C connectors have Power Delivery. Remember to read the packaging!

  • iPhones and iPads charge up to three times faster! Think minutes instead of hours to go from zero to fully charged.
  • It charges at a higher voltage (and lower current) resulting in cooler charging which is safer for your device.
  • USB‑C PD chargers are “Smart” and charge at the power best suited to your device.

Power Delivery Chart

What is Qi (pronounced “chee”) wireless charging anyway?

  • There’s no need to plug a cable directly into your device, one cable to connect the charger base to the power source is all you need. Save time, as well as wear and tear on the charging port of your device.
  • It’s even faster now. Scosche’s MagicMount™ Qi wireless charging phone mounts provide up to 10W of charging power and support Apple Fast Charge.
  • It’s forward and backwards compatible. The Qi charger you buy today will charge the (Qi-enabled) devices you have now, as well as the one’s you’ll get in the future.
MagicMount Charge Pro Home Office

More Apple Accessories Coming for the Holidays

StrikeLine™ Power Delivery Cable for USB‑C to Lightning Devices

USB-C to Lightning Cable

Braided Lightning™ to USB‑C Cable for Lightning Devices

Braided USB-C to Lightning Cable

PowerVolt™ 3.0 USB‑C 18W Fast Charger for Cars

Power Delivery Apple Accessories

PowerVolt™ 3.0 USB‑C 18W Fast Charger for Home

Power Delivery Apple Accessories
  1. Charger
  2. MagicMount Charge Series

    MagicMount™ Charge Series

    Qi Wireless Charging Mounts Learn More

    Starting at: $59.99

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  3. FM Transmitter for iPhone 8


    Handsfree Car Kit with FM Transmitter Learn More

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  4. Car Charger
  5. USB-C Chargers

    PowerVolt 3.0

    USB-C / USB-A Fast Charger for Cars Learn More

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  6. Wall Charger

    PowerVolt 3.0

    USB-C Fast Charger for Home Learn More

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  7. Charger

    PowerVolt 3.0

    USB-C Fast Charger for Home Learn More

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  8. Headphone Adapter

    StrikeLine™ Adapter

    iPhone 7 and up Headphone Adapter with Charge Port

    Learn More

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  9. PBQ5DK-CF

    QiDock Powerbank

    Qi Wireless Charging Dock with Portable Powerbank Learn More

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  10. IDR300L


    Increased Dynamic Range Earbuds with Lightning™ Connector Learn More

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  11. PowerVolt Power Delivery 3.0
  12. StrikeLine™ Premium

    StrikeLine™ Premium

    Tangle-Free Braided Lightning™ Cable Learn More

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